Chelios Mouths off - NHL - Canada's Sports Leader

"Gary Bettman has put the league in this situation," Chelios stated. "A guy who doesn't do his job shouldn't be there ..."

I was going along with Chris Chelios at this point becuase there are indicators that show Bettman has put Hockey where it doesn't belong - popularity, TV ratings and such. Gary has not helped the league with over-expansion, marketing, etc...

But then Chris quickly reverted into the assclown that we all know him for...

He put hockey where it shouldn't belong. You get rid of six or seven teams that don't belong where they are ... Some states just aren't marketable, some cities. Hockey's not a national sport in the U.S., and Gary Bettman doesn't have a feel for that. That's my opinion." 

And my opinion is you're an asshole, Chris, and should have retired 5 years ago.

Look, there are so many factors with hockey and what's gone wrong. Anyoen recall "Gary's Game" articles from last year's playoffs where the Trap (helped along by Gary Bettman's overzealous expansion) ruled the roost? That was a perfect sign of what is wrong.

But you want to start blaming markets? That's where I have a problem. I might not agree with Atlanta having an NHL team (I miss the Knights, that's why), I might not agree with Anaheim or Miami having teams (the expansion of 1993 was too abrupt and was simply to get the dollars fo Disney and Wayne Hizuinga)... But I'm not going to treat their fans like numbers and just say that the markets don't deserve hockey.

I'm not going to act like a pompous, spoiled, self riteous asshole and decry that these markets don't deserve teams because Hockey is not the US national sport...

If you have such a closed mind, much like Chris Chelios, and think Hockey can't catch on in the US with better leadership at the top and better guidance, along with better cooperation between the players and the owners, you should stick to minor league hockey. This is a business and it CAN work...

You want to say Gary Bettman has done a shit job in office? I'm with you there. If you want to talk contraction or want to say people don't deserve teams, I got two words for you and they ain't pretty...

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