the jersey in reality

With much thanks to Chris at NHL Tournament of Logos, I've been made aware of a video of the logo unveiling on YouTube:

Chris also left some comments in the other thread regarding how he feels on the new jersey:


I think the new uniforms look amazing! After 15 years in the league's most boring sweaters, we finally have something sharp to wear on our backs! The extra splash of blue has me sold. I'm filling out the pre-order form as I write this.


My own thoughts are just left with shock and awe. I have to admit I like the white jerseys more than the black which has usually been the other way around the last few years. I've commented that I prefer the logo on black instead of white and yet from the video -- it looks better the other way around. The crest with the text is terrible though and hard for me to swallow but other elements are brought along nicely. Some people hate the new number-on-the-front trend but I don't mind it.

Seeing a player in full gear wearing this thing may change my perception or clarify it. But right now I'm a bit lost. **shrug** Not sold but not pushed away by it.

Update I need to taper the positive and so-so comments with something negative. Lets give Tapeleg at Jerseys and Hockey Love some time on the soapbox:

After seeing the new Tampa Bay Lightning jerseys that were unveiled today, I had one thought:

"Please, don’t let the Avalanche screw up this bad."

I just don’t get it. Do we need a modern era of hockey jerseys? When (most) any fan of the game from the 70s would tell you that it isn’t a jersey, it’s a sweater, you have to wonder if we need something that looks like a bad science fiction outfit.

I can't say I disagree with his point. This is the truth of most of the RBK Edge designed jerseys and new logos that have been unveiled.

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