CLS Re-draft - First Round Overview

The first round of the Cycle like the Sedins Re-Draft has been completed. 30 bloggers have picked players for all 30 NHL teams. The second round is speeding right along, so I expect it to be completed by Saturday at the latest.

As a refresher, here are the known terms of the Re-Draft:

  • 30 bloggers from various blogs around the internet - including a few others here on SB Nation - are team GMs.
  • Picks are in snake order: 1-30 for odd numbered rounds, and 30-1 for even numbered rounds. Last I'd heard that was the case, anyways. There was talk of doing a z-order, but I think that got shot down.
  • There is a $57 million salary cap. No cap floor has been mentioned.
  • Only the actual cap hit matters, not the full player salary.
  • Trades are allowed.
  • Presumably, this will be going 23 rounds. Or, at least, until we get bored or someone tells us to stop.
  • This is an offseason exercise only. This is not a fantasy league draft.
  • The winner will be determined by an NHL 10 simulation.

If you have any suggestion for the 58th (second round) and 63rd (third round) Lightning picks, please leave them in the comments. And please be respectful. Thank you.

The results are after the jump.

Pick CSL Team Player NHL Team Position Cap Hit
1 Calgary Ovechkin, Alexander Washington LW $9,538,462
2 Vancouver Crosby, Sidney Pittsburgh C $8,700,000
3 Tampa Bay Lundqvist, Henrik New York Rangers G $6,875,000
4 Dallas Malkin, Evgeni Pittsburgh C $8,700,000
5 Chicago Toews, Jonathan Chicago C $2,800,000
6 New York Islanders Lidstrom, Nicklas Detroit D $7,450,000
7 Philadelphia Datsyuk, Pavel Detroit C $6,700,000
8 Edmonton Parise, Zach New Jersey C $3,125,000
9 Nashville Getzlaf, Ryan Anaheim C $5,325,000
10 Atlanta Lecavalier, Vincent Tampa Bay C $7,727,273
11 St. Louis Luongo, Roberto Vancouver G $6,750,000
12 Phoenix Green, Mike Washington D $5,250,000
13 Pittsburgh Kovalchuk, Ilya Atlanta LW $6,389,300
14 Washington Backstrom, Nicklas Washington C $2,400,000
15 Columbus Chara, Zdeno Boston D $7,500,000
16 Detroit Iginla, Jarome Calgary RW $7,000,000
17 Los Angeles Carter, Jeff Philadelphia C $5,000,000
18 Minnesota Richards, Mike Philadelphia C $5,750,000
19 Carolina Brodeur, Martin New Jersey G $5,200,000
20 New York Rangers Kiprusoff, Miikka Calgary G $5,833,333
21 New Jersey Backstrom, Niklas Minnesota G $6,000,000
22 Toronto Savard, Marc Boston C $5,000,000
23 San Jose Pronger, Chris Philadelphia D $6,250,000
24 Ottawa Nash, Rick Columbus LW $5,400,000
25 Boston Thornton, Joe San Jose C $7,200,000
26 Buffalo Zetterberg, Henrik Detroit LW $6,083,000
27 Florida Booth, David Florida LW $4,250,000
28 Anaheim Staal, Eric Carolina C $8,250,000
29 Montreal Niedermayer, Scott Anaheim D $6,750,000
30 Colorado Gagne, Simon Philadelphia LW $5,250,000

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