If not Tanguay then who? Tampa Bay's options.

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It's no secret that the Tampa Bay Lightning organization have a very high interest in signing free agent winger Alex Tanguay to play along side center Vincent Lecavalier at least for one year at a cheaper price to some what re-prove himself to the league of his true worth. A big tool in signing Tanguay would be to say, you get to play with arguably the best or one of the best centers active in hockey. On the same card Tanguay does want the big pay day, and it is believe he is guaging his bids from Minnesota and Tampa Bay to see what he can pull. He wont make as much as last year that is for sure because no one will pay him what Montreal offered up for the French native winger.

Having said what we already know. What are the Lightning's options if Tanguay doesn't pan out, who can they go get knowing they will definitely need one more proven player to play along side Lecavalier with the buy out of Vinny Prospal's contract. Lets go over some current, potential options.

Maxim Afinogenov


Maxim Afinogenov is a skilled, speedy player. He was injury plagued last year and has been for most of his career and has yet to play a full 82 games in the NHL. With a potentialy reduced price tag Afinogenov may be an attractive canditate to play along side Lecavalier. The biggest question mark for Afinogenov is would the Lightning organization want him there, is he big enough, does he have enough grit and better yet does Vinny

Viktor Kozlov


A second look would to be to another Russian in Viktor Kozlov, he has proven his worth with the Capitals over the past couple of years and slotted with the right players such as Lecavalier could explode at any moment. He immediately brings the size to the table which is what the the organization is all about and most definitely has top six forward potential. The only question for him is the question for all of the free agents that remain is the price tag.

Petr Sykora


Petr Syorka is much like Afinogenov as far as size goes but with a much more controlled and concentrated game. As was reported earlier in the beginning of the 2009 free agency, the Lightning were rumored to be seeking a deal with Sykora to be a top six forward for the Lightning in the 2009, 2010 campaign. As far as inking Sykora to any deal I haven't seen any talks besides the Tanguay chatter. Sykora would make a good experienced fit but if I had to bet money on it I think the organization might like to if they can, go a few years younger.

Taylor Pyatt


Taylor Pyatt brings the size to the table like Kozlov but has been shy to use it to his advantage. Over his tour with Vancouver he has put up decent numbers, nothing to throw a big deal at which is probably why he is still available. Pyatt would be a great oppurtunity for the Lightning to make a move without breaking the bank and possibly finding a hidden gem. Pyatt should get a deal in comparison to what Jason Williams got with his return to Detroit and possibly less.

If any of these players are available or even resigned, the Lightning do have a chance to splash and score a top six forward with potential trade value. It would only seem Lukas Krajicek, a stable good skating defense men will need to be moved simply due to a truck load of new defense men that the organization seem to want to go forward with. There of some bottom six forwards or picks who could possibly go with him to pull in that top six winger. The Lightning have there options and it should be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks leading up to training camp.

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