Lightning to host Lightning Girl Auditions

Tampa Bay Lightning girl

Small apology: Since most of the Raw Charge staff is either on location in LA at the NHL Draft this weekend or busy with other stuff, there are only a few of us manning the site. Please excuse our tardiness, since we won't be able to live up to how high John sets the bar, but we'll try to keep you covered on all the news and our reactions to the draft as best as we can.

Now, I'm not sure if this is your thing (it isn't mine) but if you aspire to BE a Lightning girl, the auditions begin July 10th at the St. Pete Times Forum. Registration begins between 10 - 11am and requires a $20 fee. It's best to register in advance at the Lightning website, but they will accept walk-ins.

Info after the jump

From the press release:

Responsibilities of the Lightning Girls include pre-game performances on the plaza, in-game choreographed dance routines, engaging and entertaining Lightning fans as well as making appearances at team events both at the St. Pete Times Forum and across the Tampa Bay community. Dance, cheer, choreography, ice skating experience and hockey knowledge is preferred, but not required.  Candidates should be comfortable with performing in front of a large audience, engaging and communicating effectively with the public and have an outgoing personality with strong interpersonal skills.

You must be 18 years old by audition day and have a high school diploma or GED. You should bring photo ID, a water bottle, a towel and a snack. You should wear a half-top, hot shorts, skin colored tights and dance shoes or sneakers. Choreography will be provided and no preparation is required. If you make it past the first round the semi-final round will be held the next day on July 11 at the Brandon Ice Sports Forum.

I've never been to a game where there have been ice girls, but I heard Craig Anderson loves them. He may or may not have already circled on his calender the Avalanche's visit to the St. Pete Times Forum on December 4th. As for the required attire, I'm surprised people still own half-tops or hot shorts, but maybe that's the reason I'll never be an ice girl.

For more info contact Kelli Yeloushan at 813.301.6574 or by e-mail In all seriousness, if you do go to the tryout, we'd love for you to fanpost about your experience on Raw Charge.

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