Fat Tony's Eastern Conference Power Rankings

1. Washington Capitals - The president trophy winners didn't change their roster too much. There is no reason for me to believe they won't be #1 again lead by their offense doing all the work....and Mike Green.

2. Pittsburgh Penguins - By adding and subtracting on the blue line I predict them to have a very good season.

3. Philadelphia Flyers -Besides goal tending they arguably have to best all round game in the league.

4. Boston Bruins - If they stay healthy this could be your cup winner, a team built for the playoffs with talent, toughness, experience and poise(unless they play the Flyers).

5. New Jersey Devils - NJ has been taking some hits as of late with the Kovy situation. But assuming they don't give up much to resign Kovy(again) maybe Marty Brodeur has some gas left in his tank to carry this team to the playoffs one more time.

6. Buffalo Sabres - Another team which the goalie holds it together. Ryan Miller looked like he was over worked last year with their early playoff exit. But with good health this team coached by Lindy Ruff is all around solid and a good choice to win the NE division.

7. Tampa Bay Lightning - Without one or two of the top 6 forwards this team would have a very difficult time staying out of the bottom 5 -10 of the league, unless of course a surprising year of the goalie by the bay. Also I expect the defense to not be as big of issue as in the past. And realistically don't expect Stamkos to get 24 power play goals, teams started to wise up a little to his nearly unstoppable one timer.

8. Ottawa Senators - Questionable in goal at times but the "defence" and surprisingly good penalty kill will carry some of the load.

9. Toronto Maple Leafs - A breakout year for a team struggling as of late but will miss the playoffs once more. Or maybe its just because I dislike leaf fans and TSN.

10. Atlanta Thrashers - Head coach Craig Ramsay will have a hard time with half of his team having a Stanley Cup hangover.

11. New York Rangers - Offense won't be as big of an issue for Tort's squad. But expect a lot of locker room rumblings and maybe even some management/coaching changes.

12. Montreal Canadiens - Is the Price right Bob? And will the Habs surprise again two years in a row? I think Cinderella sailed on this one and she headed down the Mississippi to St..Louis.

13. New York Islanders - Slow and steady is the development of this young team with JT and his knack for the net improving a little more this year.

14. Carolina Hurricanes - Did Carolina's GM take a vacation this summer after the draft a team that needs to improve didn't do that much. But with a healthy Cam Ward this year I could be wrong.

15. Florida Panthers - Draft picks need some time but Hawks GM Stan Bowman will step in right on time to pick up a Stanley Cup in about eh 5-6 years.

This post was written by a member of the Raw Charge community and does not necessarily represent or express the views or opinions of Raw Charge staff.

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