Fat Tony's Defensive Depth Chart.(TBL)

Mattias Ohlund - is entering the 2nd year of a long term contract with the lightning. To my knowledge he has never been mentioned in the plans of Steve Yzerman. Does this give fans any reason to believe he won't have any trade value comes time for the deadline and teams looking for experience on defense? And are his services needed in Tampa now that there are two other, slightly younger, shorter termed vets in the lineup. But with a big contract and a limited no trade clause even Steve Yzerman would have a hard time moving his contract if he really wanted too.

Pavel Kubina - Pavel is rejoining the Lightning this season and calls Tampa his home away from home so going into the season we can all believe hes excited and going to be giving coach Boucher and company everything he's got in his 33 year old tank.

Victor Hedman - Victor is coming off what seemed to be a reverse rookie season to that of newly named super star Steven Stamkos. It started off pretty well for the kid, but after a hard hit from Ottawa's Chris Neal the big swede started to get a little shaky towards the end of the season. It has been said though that he should continue to develop and continue to get used to the smaller ice surface without too much trouble.

Mike Lundin - One of only a few Lightning defense man in the system left from the Tortarella era. Lundin has crawled through the ranks earning prime time minutes for Rick Tocchet's team in the end of the 09 season. Lets hope he continues to be that shut down defense man this year and continues to excel expectations.

Brett Clark - Clark is a free agent pickup signing who is a veteran who lost his playing time in Colorado at the middle of last year. But Yzerman has faith that he can keep his spot in the Tampa lineup.

Mathieu Roy - Roy was recently signed by Steve Yzerman to provide depth to both the Lightning and Admirals. Is also considered a hard hitter, limited offensively, and will stick up for his teammates.

Matt Smaby - Smaby was drafted in 2003, and he is still on the bubble to get a spot in the roster. After 7 years of development the Lightning have to figure out what exactly Smaby will be doing with his future. Lets hope he impresses the new coaches.

Vladimir Mihalik - The BIG Czech(6'08" 243lbs) is the lightning's 3rd longest tenured defense man in the system(unless you include Paul Ranger) and since being drafted in 2005 has shown signs of staying with the big club but needs to work on being more mobile and consistent.

Matt Lashoff - A token from the Mark Recci trade to the bruins in 2008. Lashoff's more recent memory in a lightning uniform include being ejected after one shift, in his first game of the year, for boarding former lightning hero Ruslan Fedotenko in a meaningless game at the end of the 09 season. That move didn't look "world class" but I'm sure it wasn't intentionally meant to hurt him.

Scott Jackson - After having pretty solid numbers throughout his junior career Jackson's progression has slowed considerably since leaving the WHL.

Michael Vernace - Vernace must of done himself some good in the last 30 or so games with his then new team in Hamilton with Boucher because a few months later he earned himself a contract from Mr.Yzerman.

Ty Wishart - One of the last memories of Dan Boyle is that of Ty Wishart. Lightning hopefuls will be crossing their fingers that someday Wishart shows some more value at an NHL level so #22 wasn't completely wasted.

Kevin Quick - Bolt's prospects has a very interesting bio and scouting report of quick from a few years back. Located here .

Mark Barberio - During this years campaign in Moncton, Barberio was partnered with this years #13 pick in the the NHL Entry Draft Brandon Gormley. Which makes you think they both will have a bright futures in the NHL given their success as the teams top defensive pair who went on to help win the QMJHL championship in 2010 and finish 4th place in the Memorial cup.

And finally

Paul Ranger - Is a RFA this off season and has said he is not ready to make a decision whether or not he is willing to return to the organization. There are plenty of ideas to why or where Paulie is but unless you're on the short list of people who know whats going on all you can do is speculate. Which is what us fans do best, right?

This post was written by a member of the Raw Charge community and does not necessarily represent or express the views or opinions of Raw Charge staff.

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