Tuesday night link dump and open thread

If you're reading this post, congratulations.  You made it.  

It's only a matter of days now until rookie camp tournaments get under way at various locations across the continent...  And just over two weeks from now, NHL camps break in.

Stop whining "Is It October Yet?"...  We're at September and that's good enough for me.

Lightning Links

After the jump, we present links to the hot button issue on the hockey blogosphere this week before taking on the hockey world in gneral like usual...

Hockey Links -- Blogger Credential Edition

  • It would appear the New York Rangers, as well as other teams, would like nothing more than to restrict access by bloggers.  [Puck Daddy]
  • Jim at Blueshirt Banter responds to the Puck Daddy article and the revelation that his attendance and BSB's coverage of an Anti-Sather rally have put him on the outs with the Rags. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonis chimes in his support for blogger access [Ted's Take]
  • Eric McErlain -- who helped forget he Capitals blogger policy -- chimes in with a level headed response for Blog writers [Off Wing Opinion]
  • DDC remarks on the brouhaha and reminds -- they don't need the access that credentials provide [Mile High Hockey]
  • Tapleg reminds us of some of the reasons why blogs shouldn't be accredited right away, and some of the issues that arise with them compared to MSM [Jerseys and Hockey Love]

Editors note:  Raw Charge happens to be credentialed with the Tampa Bay Lightning.  The Lightning have a very healthy and respectful relationship with us as well as other new-media members who cover the team.  We understand and respect the fact it's their house (the St. Pete Times Forum) and their rules regarding access.  We do, however, support blogger access elsewhere in the league, and an end to a hardline anti-blogger sentiment by other franchises.  Not everyone deserves accreditation, but a hard-line anti-stance for the sake of message control does not serve anyone: the team, the media (adn competition), or the fans.

Other hockey links

  • Hopes are up for all 30 teams as the new season approaches.  But Rudy and Megaladoon do their job bringing us all back down to earth: They're screwed.  Each and every team in the NHL is screwed.  [The Battle of California]
  • "Jackpot!" [Don't Trade Vinny]
  • Paul Kariya is out for the season with a concussion.  NBC Sports voters don't quite think, if his career is over, that Paul is worthy of the hockey hall of fame [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Another day, another mystery group in the Phoenix Coyotes saga [Phoenix Business Journal]
  • Going over changes in the Southeast Division [Japers Rink]
  • The salary cap, Iilya Kovalchuk, unrestricted free agency, the CBA and Nolan Whyte collide.  Who wins but absurdity  [Frozen Sheets]
  • Note to Willie Mitchell:  Tenure does not equate a guaranteed payday for under-performing veterans [Lighthouse Hockey]

General Links

  • The most beautiful thing about September 1st in MLB?  Reinforcements.  The Rays have talent ready to join the club if need be [Draysbay]
  • Top tend reasons why Tampa Bay baseball fans avoid the Trop [SB Nation Tampa Bay]
  • How grim will the Buccaneers season be?  Peter King of Sports Illustrated paints it as bleak [Pewter Report]
  • It's a little late now because most Fantasy Football drafts have happened already, but are/were Buccaneer players worth taking in the draft?  Or is it just misplaced sentimentality to think so [The Beach Bucket]
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