SB Tampa Bay - Writers Wanted

As you may or may not have realized, the SB Tampa Bay site is being redone. Things weren't going terribly well over there, and so SB Nation asked me if I'd be willing to come in and run the place. I feel that this site could be an incredible resource when done properly, becoming a one-stop shop for news and analysis on all the Tampa Bay sports teams. While the articles will be geared for a more mainstream audience - and so, more similar in tone to this type of work - I still hope for the site to provide the same sort of high-quality analysis on those pages that you're used to from Raw Charge, DRaysBay, Bucs Nation, and Voodoo Five. Think of the site as an alternative to the local newspaper sports section.

But before we re-launch the site in February, I need to find a bunch of new writers to bring on. If you love Tampa Bay sports teams, there may be a position for you:

  • Featured Columnist: This position is very similar to being a writer at any individual sports blog - you'll be responsible for one or two in-depth articles a week. These writers should have a more detailed understanding of one or two specific teams, and may be asked to provide other writers with opinions and insights on their team(s) of knowledge. You'll be the heart of our analysis.
  • Copy Writer: There are going to be a wide collection of stories that our columnists can't tackle due to time constraints, but we'd still love to address. This job would require you to write multiple short (500 words or less) articles a week, addressing relevant news items on all the local sports teams. It requires more time than the featured columnist position, and a moderate amount of knowledge of multiple Tampa Bay sports teams. You'll receive the most exposure and experience in this position, but it will be more time consuming.*
  • Breaking News Writer: Sports teams don't always wait for the most convenient moment to release news; in fact, the Rays seem to take pleasure in releasing news at highly inconvenient times for me. That said, I'll need a couple writers capable of covering breaking news for the site. The writing needs would not be extensive, but you would need to be available at many odd hours - nights, weekends, etc.

If you'd be interested in one of the positions above, shoot me an email at steve.slowinski at Include the position(s) you're most interested in, the teams you follow, and attach a brief writing sample (could be anything - doesn't need to be sports related).

Also, I have a limited amount of stipends that I can give out to writers. These will likely go to writers that put the most time into the site (copy writers) or work the weirdest hours (breaking news), but it will all depend how many writers I end up selecting. It's not much money, but it's a little bit to help compensate people for their hard work.

*Also, just because you choose this the copy writer position, it doesn't mean you can't still write more in-depth columns from time to time if you'd like.

This post was written by a member of the Raw Charge community and does not necessarily represent or express the views or opinions of Raw Charge staff.

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