It in fact is October yet: The Southeast This Week

Someone took that 5-1 loss pretty hard. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)


Ahem, sorry about that.  As you might have heard, the season opened up on Thursday, and the Lightning had their first two games Friday and Saturday.  They opened up with an impressive 5-1 win against the Hurricanes, and then as historically a fitting defeat as possible for the Bolts - 4-1 against the Bruins in Boston. 

While Vincent Lecavalier (1G, 1A), Martin St. Louis (2G, 1A), and Steven Stamkos (2A) are all off to good starts, one of the big stories hovering around the Lightning is the absence of blueliner Mattias Ohlund.  Ohlund was placed on injured reserve as one of the final roster moves of the preseason, and the severity of the injury remains somewhat of a mystery. 

While Ohlund's stint on the IR will be good for the Bolts' turnover ratio, it does take away a lot of hits, and a lot of minutes.  And possibly the biggest question is this: how much more wear and tear can an aging and already slowed Mattias Ohlund take?

EDITOR'S UPDATE:  Guy Boucher says Ohlund will need some sort of procedure, will likely be out at least two months.

News and stories from the rest of the division after the break.

Carolina Hurricanes: Pretty awesome story honoring a Canes fan who died from complications of muscular dystrophy.  

Young Stud Jeff Skinner has a bit of attention on him entering his second season.  For good reason, he's pretty darn good.  

Canes Country discusses Carolina's poor preseason, and if the predicted lines will help.

Can former prospect Anthony Stewart finally figure it out with the Canes? 


Florida Panthers: The Panthers are off to a good start.  I know it's one game, and it was against the Islanders, but they have like 114 new players.  Pretty impressive, I'd argue. 

What do you think about the Panthers not naming a captain to start the season?

Finally some hope for Panthers fans?


Washington Capitals: Michal Neuvirth over Tomas Vokoun in the Capitals' opener surprise anyone else?

"I guess you could call them the meat and potatoes line." -Bruce Boudreau, on the line of Brooks Laich, Joel Ward and Jason Chimer.  Watch out guys, one bad shift and Brucey might eat ya.  

Must be nice to be able to just straight up forget about paychecks, Mr. Laich.  

It's been a minute since Karl Alzner scored. 


Winnipeg JetsThey're just a bit happy to have hockey back in Winnipeg.  Which includes breaking down just about everything possible about the team. 

No one seemed to notice that the Jets got completely destroyed in their first game.  Which is cool, and highly respectable of the fans.  But the next step is for Winnipeg

Mark Scheifele should be in juniors this season, apparently

Despite never playing a game of the contract he signed with them, the Jets honored Rick RypienPretty well too, I must say. 

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