Southeast Division in 2012

Dear Blogoshpere,

So my pops wrote me an email asking what the NHL blogosphere is saying about the realignment of the divisions next year. Well, honestly, I haven't really paid it too much thought. After reading his email, I figured it was the perfect post to get the topic started, so I've posted his email to me in it's original form below the jump.


What are the bloggers theorizing about team realignment of the NHL Divisions next year to accommodate the Atlanta-to-Winnipeg Jets move?

Normally, the NHL tries to keep division teams in the same time zone, so that most of their games are played against teams in the same time zone to maximize local TV exposure for both division teams when they play each other.

That being said, Winnipeg is located in the Central time zone.  So, you would think the Jets would be moved into the NHL Central Division.  On the other hand, all of the other teams in the Southeast Division are in the Eastern time zone. 

But, there are currently 2 teams in the Central division that are actually in the Eastern time zone - Detroit and Columbus.  If the NHL were to move one of these teams into the Southeast Division, it would make sense. 

Since Detroit is one of the "Original 6" teams and they have a VERY traditional rivalry with another Central Division "Original 6" team (the Chicago Blackhawks), I don't think Detroit is a viable consideration to be moved. 

So, that leaves the Columbus Blue Jackets who are located in the central Ohio capital city.  Columbus is also very close geographically to Washington DC which would make good sense for "economics" relative to minimizing travel costs for the existing Southeast Division teams.

Columbus is my best guess.



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