Eastern / Western Conference standings going into tonight's action

Here are the current Eastern Conference standings before tonight's games.  Top eight make the playoffs, bottom seven are jockeying for draft position.

Eastern Standings

Philadelphia Flyers 76 46-20-10 102
Washington Capitals 77 44-22-11 99
Boston Bruins 76 43-23-10 96
Pittsburgh Penguins 77 45-24-8 98
Tampa Bay Lightning 76 41-24-11 93
Montreal Canadiens 77 41-29-7 89
New York Rangers 76 41-30-5 87
Buffalo Sabres 76 38-29-9 85
Carolina Hurricanes 76 36-30-10 82
Toronto Maple Leafs 77 35-32-10 80
Atlanta Thrashers 76 32-32-12 76
New Jersey Devils 75 34-36-5 73
New York Islanders 76 29-35-12 70
Florida Panthers 77 29-36-12 70
Ottawa Senators 77 29-38-10 68


As you're already aware by all the talk last night, the Carolina Hurricanes are clinging to a chance to make the playoffs.  A loss tonight in their match-up with the Montreal Canadiens seals a Tampa Bay Lightning playoff berth.

Consider this post an open thread for tonight's NHL action.  Below the jump, you'll find the Western Conference standings going into tonight's games.

Western Standings

Vancouver Canucks 77 51-17-9 111
Detroit Red Wings 76 44-22-10 98
San Jose Sharks 76 44-23-9 97
Phoenix Coyotes 78 42-25-11 95
Los Angeles Kings 76 44-26-6 94
Nashville Predators 77 41-26-10 92
Anaheim Ducks 76 43-28-5 91
Chicago Blackhawks 76 41-27-8 90
Dallas Stars 75 38-26-11 87
Calgary Flames 77 38-28-11 87
Minnesota Wild 76 36-32-8 80
St. Louis Blues 76 34-32-10 78
Columbus Blue Jackets 76 34-31-11 79
Colorado Avalanche 75 28-39-8 64
Edmonton Oilers 76 23-42-11 57

As you can see above, it is (and has been) a much tighter race in the Western Conference.  Chicago is seeded eighth in the west -- and could be knocked off by Dallas or (less likely) Calgary with one misstep.  Everyone (sans the Vancouver Canucks, who have run away with the conference) are jockeying for playoff seeding.

The Forthcoming Lightning matchup with the 'Hawks in Chicago will be interesting, especially if Dallas catches up. 

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