Off Topic: A note of apology to Raw Charge readers and the community

I don't like writing about myself on the site. From time to time, I do it. From time to time, I insert I-me-mine into an observation/opinion about the team / franchise / league bit of news or something else in a front paged story. But I don't want to become the story, though, so I try to abstain from it.

And yet, if you've noticed the lack of updates of late at Raw Charge, you might be scratching your head as to figure out why. Why no Steven Stamkos contract discussion? Why no news about the only-a-matter-of-details Brett Connolly signing? How about bite-my-shiny-metal-ass Eric Brewer's contract? What about the Rich-meister's return? The Forum renovations? The salary cap increase? What the blood hell is going on with Raw Charge that it lacks stories right now?!? The season's over, but the news is still out there!

Yeah, about that...

I've had, am having, will continue to have personal issues stealing my attention as of late. Oh, I'm fine - in a matter of speaking. No one died. I haven't been diagnosed with (another) affliction that tore the very fabric of my life. It's just a personal issue right now that has taken my desire to write and curved it away from the team I love and the sport I love and the site I love. It's made it easier for me to focus on myself (not in a "superhappyfuntime!!!" kind of way) and harder to focus on doing the news, opinions, absurdities of the NHL.

I'm not walking away from Raw Charge, or stepping away from the site for a break or anything like that. But I do feel like I must apologize to the community, to readership, to the curious, that the leading Tampa Bay Lightning blog has been far too silent since the end of the 2010-11 season. There are certainly things to talk about, to discuss, to speculate on.

And we haven't. My focus is just plain, flat-out, off right now. And I sure as hell want it back.

So, please bear with me here. Though my friends and colleagues Cassie McClellan, Clark Brooks, Meredith Qualls, Matt Amos, Dani Toth, Nolan Whyte and Tina Robinson are all part of the staff here on the Charge, I'm the one who makes things go (or in this case, lacks making things go). So this (the lack of coverage) is on me.

My bad.

I'll do what I can to get back in the swing of things, as this post is an attempt to jumpstart that... It's just not easy right now.


This post was written by a member of the Raw Charge community and does not necessarily represent or express the views or opinions of Raw Charge staff.

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