2012 NHL Lockout Diary: Day Who Cares?

Can YOU pick Pierre-Cedric Labrie out in this picture? - Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

What if the NHL and NHLPA threw a party and I went and watched the Syracuse Crunch instead?

So. How 'bout that lockout, huh? Yeah.

Word came down today by ESPN's Pierre LeBrun that without some kind of movement within the next seven days, we're looking at another round of game cancellations. We seem to be at a stalemate right now, with the NHL waiting for the NHL Players' Association (NHLPA) to give them a reason to meet again. They don't want to rehash old conversations for the 405th time, and I don't really blame them for that. I wouldn't either.

And I read LeBrun's article and sat there trying to figure out the size of the crap I did not give. I couldn't. The following activities, you see, have taken place in my life in the past week:

  • Taking my kids to skating lessons so the boy can grow up to be Jordin Tootoo (I think--hope--it's the whistles) and the girl can be Manon Rheaume (I cried at that one, even though I think she was saying it to make me happy.)
  • Pricing kids' hockey equipment and weeping.
  • Watching two Syracuse Crunch games on the internet.

  • Teaching my husband how to pick Pierre-Cedric Labrie out on the ice. I always can. He thinks he can. He cannot. I win.

  • Watching Pekka Rinne and Team Finland take second place in the Karjala Cup with some great penalty killing, and watching Pekka Rinne and Dinamo Minsk fall to SKA with really, really, really bad penalty killing.

  • Checking prices for Dinamo gear, which apparently you can't actually get without being able to speak Russian on an international phone call. Dammit.
  • Checking the Syracuse Crunch online store for the new logo T-shirts. Still not there. Wondering what gives.....(If anyone from the team reads this, seriously. What gives? I ain't having no Damn Dirty Duck stuff in my closet.)

My life is pretty full of hockey right now. It's just not NHL hockey. It's not that I won't show up when the Lightning and Martin St. Louis take the ice again. It's just that where I used to *have to* watch the games, I don't feel that way anymore.

At first I thought, "I hope the NHL and NHLPA see this kind of thing happening and understand what they're losing." Then I realized I don't care much about that either.

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