Quick strikes and open thread for Sunday, December 9th

Pittsburgh Penguins owner Mario Lemieux made an effort to solve the lockout, utilizing his allies from across the NHL spectrum. - Justin K. Aller

The grand collapse of negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA dominate news.

Sadly, the unsettled NHL / NHL Players Association labor situation continues to dominate the news in and around the world of hockey. The sport goes on at different levels - the AHL, the ECHL, the KHL and European leagues, Junior hockey - but you, the fans, associate hockey with one thing and one thing alone: The National Hockey League.

And with no NHL, by way of the lockout, for all intents and purposes there seemingly is no hockey in the world right now.

NHL CBA / lockout news:

  • Club 66, a detailed effort by Mario Lemieux, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and his allies (including Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik) to save the season. A behind the scenes look at what was going on that led up to efforts last week at the players-owners meeting in New York [TribLive]
  • Gary's Game has played out, and it's time for Commissioner Gary Bettman to go says Dejan Kovacevic (and, yes, he acknowledges Gary simply delivers the owners will. Same conclusion) [Triblive]
  • Meanwhile, the venerable institution that is Don Cherry has never seen Gary Bettman as mad as he was Thursday Night. [National Post]
  • The NHL and NHLPA are a volatile couple, but Michael Grange says it's the NHL that's the bad boyfriend in this relationship [ Sportsnet]
  • Has Ron Hainsey's career been ruined by way of him being a central figure in the NHL Players Association negotiating process? [CBC]
  • The labor fight between the NHL and NHLPA is a war of personalities, it's Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs versus Donald M. Fehr [CSN Bay Area]
  • While I can call Hockey Wilderness contributor Bryan Reynolds my friend, I think every dissillusioned fan can relate to Reynolds being put off by the sport by way of the lockout [Star Tribune]

Tampa Bay Lightning News

  • Bolts defenseman Victor Hedman is experiencing a whole different world while playing in the KHL [Tampa Bay Times]
  • Syracuse Crunch center (and pro rookie) Vladislav Namestnikov has been out, injured, for some time now for the Crunch... But he's nearing the time when he will be able to resume his season [Bolt Prospects]
  • Richard Panik has been on fire for the Syracuse Crunch, he gets the close-up treatment form Erik Erlendsson at the Tampa Tribune [TBO]
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