A Statement by the Fans Needs to be Made

With out some sort of data by the fans evidencing to the the NHL owners and NHLPA that the fans will not idly stand by during this lockout two things will happen:

1. The lockout will last longer than it should have.

2. It will undoubtedly happen again.

What you can do to show the league that fans won't accept this lockout the same way they did the 2005 lockout is below the jump.

Sign the Fan Petition to the NHL

The above link will take you to a petition I've started requesting the NHL get it's act together quickly, as well as the terms fans have agreed to in order to assure this doesn't happen again. I ask anyone who signs it to take it seriously and to follow through with the terms of the petition. Together we can send the league a sign that we fans are united and that there will be large financial repercussions directly relational towards the length of the lockout.

With out some sort of metrics that verify fan solidarity the fans will not be heard. This allows the league to measure the voice of the fans. I've set the petition goal at 20,000 signatures, which would fill most NHL forums/arenas. The faster we hit the number, the louder our voice will be. Please sign it and spread the word if you agree with it.

The text of the petition are as follows:

As a fan of the NHL I have decided to protest the actions of the NHL commissioner, the NHL owners, and the NHLPA. I understand the highest tier of the sport of professional hockey is in the end a business. No amount of fanaticism and support, evidenced by the record revenue collected by the NHL in the 2011-2012 season, can make the league and the players agree to terms. In the past, as stated by Gary Bettman, the fans of hockey have been loyal and always returned right away. He is right, I will still be a fan of the NHL, but there are stipulations that as a fan I must pledge in order to do my part in assuring I did the most to make sure this doesn't happen yet again.

I pledge that I will protest the 2012-2013 season lockout as follows:

1. For as many home games that are scrubbed during the lockout I will boycott any in arena purchases on game days when the following season starts. So if 43 games (including preseason) are scrubbed, I will not purchase any concessions or merchandise in the arena for 43 straight games.

2. For as many days as the lockout lasts, upon the restart of the league, I will deliberately attempt to refrain purchasing from any league or team sponsors. So if the lockout lasts 180 days, I will boycott any sponsor of the league for 180 days upon the restart of the league.

3. I will not purchase any NHL merchandise during the lockout and I will also refrain from purchasing any league merchandise once the lockout ends for the same amount of days the lockout lasted.

4. Should ticket prices in any way increase during the full term of the next NHL CBA, I will cancel any full or partial season ticket subscriptions I carry.

5. I will ask family, friends, and fellow loyal fans of hockey to sign this petition and FOLLOW THROUGH the actions detailed.

I petition the NHL commissioner, the NHL owners, and the NHLPA to end the lockout as soon as possible in order to make this petition and pledge easier on all involved, which includes themselves, their sponsors, NHL event staffs, broadcast companies covering NHL events, and the millions of NHL fans.

This post was written by a member of the Raw Charge community and does not necessarily represent or express the views or opinions of Raw Charge staff.

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