Coming soon: The new Raw Charge and SB Nation United

Raw Charge (SB Nation United Logo)

A few weeks ago, we revealed to you the new Raw Charge logo. You've probably noticed we've started using it on Twitter and on Facebook, and you'll be seeing it full-time starting soon as we and the rest of the SB Nation network move to a new platform known as SB Nation United., It'll enable us, moving forward, to create a more customized experience and present it in new and exciting ways. We'll still have all of the aspects that make Raw Charge what it is - a community as well as a source for Tampa Bay Lightning information. Here are some of the key features of the coming change, and what you can expect going forward:

  • The SB Nation United design is going to improve load times with a less cumbersome, resource-demanding design compared to the standard design that's long been employed on the network.
  • A flexible layout, modern layout design that will enable us to keep important stories within reach.
  • Multi-platform designs will allow you to enjoy Raw Charge from mobile, tablet or a copmuter, SB Nation United will provide a seamless experience on every platform with the same experience on them all...
  • Most importantly, SB Nation United will not take away or change any of the community elements you love like FanPosts, FanShots and GameThreads.

Below the fold is a cache of screen shots from SB Nation United to give you an idea of what to expect,

This is an exciting time to be around Raw Charge, and I'm curious, anxious, and optimistic in how we can make it work out best. Now if only the NHL and NHLPA would get their act together so we can get on with covering the Bolts and doing what we do best here...

There is a caveat I thought worth addressing, though minor: One thing you will not see on the new design is the Raw Charge blogroll. We will still have one, but it will be on a different page / not on the front...

First off, a tablet display version of what the site will generally look like:


Next, three of the different front-page title layouts:



We encourage you to hop over to our colleagues at Defending Big D for more discussion and pictures of the SB Nation United format.

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