Finally, "Tampa t" is Incorporated in the EA Sports NHL Franchise

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First, "Tampa t" is the name I came up with after watching replays nearly two years ago of the first game the Bolts played incorporating the 1-3-1 neutral zone trap. The team would create a " t " in the ice when everything looked as if things were going smoothly and players were where they were supposed to be. Here's an old article I typed up on it. Virtual pictures of the "Tampa t" in action after the jump.

It's that time of year for the hockey faithful where we get that anxiety deep in our chests. A time when the shortening wait to walk up to the steps of our colosseum to watch the greatest game on Earth treats our minds almost like Chinese water torture. The boredom days of hockey drought are nearly over and we can almost smell the ice in the center of the arena.

And then, dark clouds of a looming lockout roll over us and we know not when the season will start. We know the anxiety will continue, but for how long? We also know that with too much time apathy towards our great sport and our teams will set in; and a passion we once had will be lost in a cauldron of spite and remorse stemming from the insatiable greed possessed by the princes and kings of our great pastime. Man, that's depressing.


While there's no 100% cure for Goal Posts Parted depression, there are still signs of hockey to lift the spirits of the fanatics. One of those is next Tuesday's release of EA Sports NHL13, the Madden for hockey fans. Actually, no, it is better stated that Madden is the EA NHL for the NFL fanatics. EA, over the years, has done an excellent job with this franchise, and year after year it has claimed sports game of the year beating out other sports simulation stalwarts such as the aforementioned Madden as well as FIFA, PES, and Tiger Woods. It truly does a great job of simulating the hockey experience.

And now, with this year's release, a feature I have been clamoring for has finally arrived, they have included the 1-3-1 Neutral Zone trap played by the Lightning into the game's artificial intelligence (AI). That's jargon for, "FREAKING AWESOME".

Here's a link to the EA Sports page describing the feature.

Here are some pictures from the link that show our Bolts in perfect position:



Can you see the "Tampa t" in the picture above?



How about in this one, see the " t "?

While I am no doubt suffering from "Hockout Stress Disorder" (HSD), seeing the 1-3-1 being a strategy in this game has me feeling a bit less "hocked out".

As a side note, if you like hockey and have a PS3 or X360, you have got to pick this game up. It's worth it. If nothing else, play it offline on Easy (Amateur). I guarantee that with a bit of patience you will learn it and it will be the one of the best games you've ever played. Once you have your skills honed go online and join a club. Club hockey is where you play a specific position, like right defense or left wing, and you play your role. You will learn hockey FAST, and what seemed to look chaotic while at the Forum suddenly slows down and you conceptually realize and SEE the system being carried out by the players on the ice. It makes real hockey better.

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