2013 NHL Draft

QMJHL not suspending Erne for hit on Drouin


Adam Erne's questionable hit on fellow Lightning prospect Jonathan Drouin was not considered a suspendable offense according to the QMJHL.

Jonathan Drouin and the Lightning lineup


Just where does Jonathan Drouin fit in the Lightning lineup for 2013-14?

Of long-reads, generalizations, and NHL D-men


Though the article cited is much longer and more fact-filled than it's being given credit for, it's generalizations rubbed me the wrong way... Especially speaking down about Roman Hamrlik.

Lightning announce roster for development camp


The Tampa Bay Lightning have announced its roster for the 2013 Development camp that begings July 6. 31 players are on the roster including all six of Tampa's draft picks from last weekend.

A look at Lightning defense depth


A year sabotaged by sub-par defense, passing on defense prospect Seth Jones in the draft and an influx of talented forward shine a negative light on the Tampa Bay Lightning's defensive prospects....

Lightning favor offense in 2013 draft selections


The Lightning selected five forwards, a goaltender and no defensemen with their six selections in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.

Bolts add power forward with second pick


WIth their second round selection in this year's NHL Entry Draft, the Tampa Bay Lightning selected winger Adam Erne

Bolts pick Drouin


Offense is first concern addressed

2013 NHL Entry Draft Open Thread


One of the most talent-filled NHL entry drafts in recent memory gets underway at 3 PM. Banter with us. Chat. Speculate. Have fu. Just no trouble-making.

The mystery of the draft is #2 and the Panthers


It's not clear what the Cats plan to do at #2, and that will have an affect (potentially) on the Lightning at #3.


Seguin on the block, and Bolts interested


At what cost could the 21-year-old Bruins forward be had?

2013 SB Nation mock draft: Final results


A day before the actual NHL Draft in Newark, New Jersey, we share with you the complete list of draft selections done in the SB Nation NHL mock draft for 2013.

Life after Vinny; now what?


A day after the bombshell that Vincent Lecavalier will be bought out, it's time to casually speculate about options on the second line for the Bolts.


Ramblign thoughts on mock drafts

A mock draft is supposed to be a guessing game, and not always a very educated guessing game at that.

Roy: "If the draft was today, we'd take Mackinnon"


The Avalanche's new head coach states frankly who he wants in the draft. How will this affect things remains to be seen, or if they will play out as directly as statements from Roy and Avs GM Joe...

Seth Jones may be available to Lightning after all


If the defenseman falls to number three, will the Lightning select him?

SB Nation NHL Mock Draft: Bolts select Seth Jones


The chips fall in unpredictable ways sometimes. In what can be seen as the ideal scenario for the Tampa Bay Lightning, the top defensive prospect in the draft falls to them in the SB Nation mock...

Poll: Who should the Lightning draft at no. 3?


Who, oh who, should Yzerman take? Tell us, dear readers.

2013 NHL Draft: What if...?


It's simply idle speculation, but would an NHL team have the the testicular fortitude to try to nab not one but two of the top prospects in the 2013 NHL draft?

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