2013 Tampa Bay Lightning Op-Ed

Life after Vinny; now what?

A day after the bombshell that Vincent Lecavalier will be bought out, it's time to casually speculate about options on the second line for the Bolts.

A reflection, a lament, a farewell

People invoke memories of winning the Stanley Cup, or the Rocket Richard trophy; the M-V-P line or Vinny's charitable work... I recollect the player who gave me hope in the Lightning franchise. My thoughts on parting ways with Vincent Lecavalier.

Goaltending wasn't the issue in Calder Cup defeat

Losing the Calder Cup Finals in six games reopened an old wound for some Lightning fans, and yet it's the most misplaced excuse for Syracuse not winning the 2013 Calder Cup.

A big game for Syracuse sports history

On the brink of elimination and on the verge of a grand finale -- a winner-take-all game seven -- the Syracuse Crunch play what must be one of the biggest games in Syracuse sports history tonight.

2014 Sochi Olympics loom for Yzerman, Lightning

A few Tampa Bay Lightning players hope to play for their country at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia... That is, if the IIHF and NHL can reach an agreement for NHL players to participate.

CHL ban on European goalies shortsighted

The Canadian Hockey League's ban on import goaltenders is not the answer to Canada's goaltending woes.

Why I didn't observe the "Staniversary"

The world moves on and while we cling to warm memories for comfort, we cannot be lost in them, or our expectations on the present diminishes.

Don't look at Ohlund as a buyout target

Mattias Ohlund hasn't played since 2011, but shedding his salary cap hit isn't likely until the end of his contract in 2016. Why? Read on.

A Hockey Writer's Lament

Writing about hockey changes how you watch the game. And that's not always positive.

How to resurrect a hockey franchise in 402 days

More than four years ago, a chart by James Mirtle showed (through attendance) how the situation in Tampa was on a torrid decline. Four years later, we revisit that chart to reflect how things have been thriving.


Seeking civic support for NHL marquee events

It wouldn't be wrong for Tampa Bay civic leaders to step up and show support for a Tampa Bay Lightning bid to host the NHL All-Star game or Draft.

Forum ice removed; a hockey-less summer nears

The Tampa Bay Times Forum removed its ice Monday and the ice wont return until September when NHL training camps begin.

The case against Frantz Jean

Frantz Jean has yet to get more than a barely adequate performance out of the netminders he has worked with over the past three seasons. And "barely adequate" ought not be acceptable.

Cooper hire takes heat off Yzerman

If nothing else,the appointment of Jon Cooper as new head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning buys general manager Steve Yzerman some time out of the dreaded spotlight of fan scrutiny.

Reactions to Guy Boucher's removal

The RC staff explain this development in their own words.

Opinion: Everyone's to blame

As the saying goes, you can't fire 23 guys so you fire the coach. Of course, you can't fire an entire organization, either.

And so we move forward; thoughts on firing Boucher

The end of the process, and the still unwritten next chapter of the Lightning is what is laid in front of fans with the dismissal of Guy Bpucher as head coach.


Stamkos at 200

Steven Stamkos' 200th career NHL goal may have been on an empty net, but it was remarkable none-the less.

Suffering Mike Milbury and the NHL on NBCSN

Tonight's Tampa Bay / Philadelphia game is another NBC Sports Network telecast, and that means we have to suffer another polarizing broadcast and the intermission stupidity of Mike Milbury.

Thoughts on Tampa Bay Lightning team issues

A shortened 48-game season doesn't allow for many mistakes, so it may be too late for playoffs, but the Lightning can still end the season on a winning note.

Lightning at Penguins preview

While things aren't rosy for the Lightning, the suffering gets worse with an NBC Sports Net telecast. Yeah, I'm biased against their coverage.

Bolts at Bruins preview

The Bolts wouldn't be wrong to go back to a very basic game plan in order to regroup... That's our preview suggestion. Plus some lineup notes for Saturday's matinee.

Offense-first approach failing Bolts

Concerned fans are all right - and all wrong - about why the Lightning have likely been struggling this season.

Goal scoring solves nothing; Bolts at Rags preview

The Bolts have issues, but the leading cause of these issues is not goal production from the likes of Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavalier.

Now is not the time to panic

The Lightning are going through a rough patch, but things aren't as dire as they may seem.

Thoughts on the Tokarski-Desjardins trade

What can Lightning fans make of the Dustin Tokarski-Cedrick Desjardins trade?

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