Steven Stamkos stretchered off ice after bad fall in Bruins game [UPDATED]

This is a file photo of Steven Stamkos playing in Boston., The previously posted animated gif was deemed a little too painful to watch, and removed. - Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay's star center, along with defensemen Sami Salo and Keith Aulie, sustain injuries during the Bolts battle with Boston.

Just past midway through the second period, Lightning forward Steven Stamkos took a bad fall, slid into the Lightning goal post and was injured. From all indications, this one looks pretty serious, but obviously details are scarce at the moment. From first appearances, Stamkos's right shin took the brunt of the impact, and it looks like a fracture is possible.

There's a .gif of the hit circulating on the internet, but it's pretty gruesome and I'm not going to post it openly. If you want to take a look, it can be found here. And if you want more than that, TSN has the video up already. And so does ProHockeyTalk (that one's not on autoplay if you're squeamish like me).

Reports by the broadcast team and on twitter say that Stamkos has been taken to an area hospital for X-rays. As soon as we know anything more, we'll update.

But as if that wasn't a bad enough blow, just minutes later, Sami Salo also had an apparent injury...

...and Keith Aulie didn't come out in the third period, either.


[3:20 p.m. ET] According to the SunSports broadcast team, Salo has a lower body injury and Aulie is doubtful to return to the game with an upper body injury.

[3:55 p.m.] Report from Aaron Ward is that this is as bad as it looked. (This has not been confirmed by the team.)

[4:43 p.m. ET] no confirmation of surgery, however

[6:04 p.m. ET--FINAL UPDATE] The team has sent their official statement, confirming the worst news for Lightning fans.:

"At this point Steven will be out indefinitely," Yzerman said. "The medical staff in Boston, in consultation with our team physicians, has made the decision to surgically repair the injury. The procedure is expected to take place tomorrow morning. The biggest concern for me, and the rest of the Lightning, is that decisions are made in Steven's best long-term interest, and we feel this is the appropriate course of action."

As all his fans do, we here at Raw Charge send Steven our best wishes. Take care of yourself. Get better and come back strong.

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