Statistics That Don't Require a Degree in Mathematics

I'm loving the stats articles here on You guys are doing a knock up job and I'm really impressed. Sometimes though, I feel like ordering a simple black cup of coffee. Walking into an article looking to see some stats on my lunch break at work and being presented with Corsi metrics is like wanting a black cup of coffee and the dude behind the counter keeps asking me a bunch of pretentious questions about how I want my simple black cup of coffee. I shouldn't need to know the Italian word for a single cup of black coffee to order a simple black cup of coffee; and yet that's exactly what the server (excuse me, barista) expects of me, every single pretentious time. Statistics for those who like their coffee black and in a simple porcelain coffee mug after the jump. Hey where did the jump insert go???

The Big Bad Wolf: Turnovers

Ryan Malone is the worst little piggy in the category giving the puck away 12 times so far this season. Malone's only collected 5 takeaways, so in the end he fails the most on the team with a -7 in the war of puck possession. Matt Carle and and Teddy Purcell have both given the opposing team 9 turnovers each; Purcell has 5 takeaways himself while Carle has only managed to find an opposing team's errant play land on his stick 3 times this season. Here's the rest of the team, listed worst offenders to best possessors based on differential of takeaways to giveaways.

Player GvAwy TkAwy Dif
Ryan Malone 12 5 -7
Matthew Carle 9 3 -6
Radko Gudas 6 0 -6
Andrej Sustr 6 1 -5
Teddy Purcell 9 5 -4
Richard Panik 8 4 -4
Eric Brewer 7 3 -4
Mark Barberio 4 0 -4
Tyler Johnson 7 4 -3
Sami Salo 4 5 1
Brett Connolly 0 1 1
Pierre-Cedric Labrie 0 1 1
Steven Stamkos 5 7 2
Ondrej Palat 4 6 2
Alex Killorn 6 10 4
Nate Thompson 0 5 5
B.J. Crombeen 1 7 6
Valtteri Filppula 3 10 7
Victor Hedman 6 14 8
Martin St Louis 8 17 9

And there's Marty, sitting atop the possession battle. Man that dude is a hockey beast.

Blow Your House Down: Hits

Well, there is a SHOCKER here folks! While it's no surprise that Radko Gudas finds himself leading the team with 50 hits, nearly doubling the next hitter on the Lightning, it's that next hitter where we find a surprising name: Steven Stamkos is second on the team in hits with 27 on the year so far! I can really see why Killer has taken the starters role on the 1st line from Malone. A power forward who turns the puck over and is out hit, even if by a little, by the world's purest goal scorer is bound to be demoted, or at least moved aside so someone else can showcase their talent. Malone being out hit by Stamkos? Malone should be ashamed; he's not filling his role.

Player Hits
Radko Gudas 50
Steven Stamkos 27
Ryan Malone 26
Pierre-Cedric Labrie 23
Ondrej Palat 23
Richard Panik 22
Eric Brewer 20
Nate Thompson 17
B.J. Crombeen 13
Victor Hedman 13
Matthew Carle 12
Alex Killorn 12
Tyler Johnson 10
Valtteri Filppula 9
Sami Salo 8
Andrej Sustr 6
Mark Barberio 5
Martin St Louis 3
Keith Aulie 2
Teddy Purcell 2
Brett Connolly 0

Huff and Puff: Shooting Percentage

Malone isn't getting any breaks in these stats, finding himself outside the realm of shooting percentage that would qualify for top line minutes. Outside of that there isn't too many surprises here. Though maybe Flip needs to shoot more!

Player Team S G S% Leaders S/G
Valtteri Filppula TBL 16 5 31.3 1.1
Steven Stamkos TBL 49 11 22.4 3.5
Martin St Louis TBL 40 7 17.5 2.9
Ondrej Palat TBL 20 3 15 1.4
Teddy Purcell TBL 28 4 14.3 2
Alex Killorn TBL 30 4 13.3 2.1
Tyler Johnson TBL 32 3 9.4 2.3
Victor Hedman TBL 22 2 9.1 1.6
Nate Thompson TBL 16 1 6.3 1.1
Radko Gudas TBL 16 1 6.3 1.1
Matthew Carle TBL 18 1 5.6 1.3
Ryan Malone TBL 31 1 3.2 2.2

From Brick House to Dog House: Penalties

When I started this thread I hadn't actually looked at the stats. Just sorted through the stats at as I went along. I never intended it to be a thread that would ask the question, "So Malone, what exactly would you say you do here?", but as I progress I am finding that to be the very question these statistics are demanding be answered.

Player PIM Minor Major Misc
Radko Gudas 55 10 3 1
Ryan Malone 30 5 2 1
B.J. Crombeen 14 2 2 0
Victor Hedman 13 4 1 0
Eric Brewer 12 6 0 0
Pierre-Cedric Labrie 11 3 1 0
Nate Thompson 9 2 1 0
Steven Stamkos 8 4 0 0
Sami Salo 8 4 0 0
Richard Panik 8 4 0 0
Matthew Carle 6 3 0 0
Valtteri Filppula 6 3 0 0
Alex Killorn 6 3 0 0
Mark Barberio 6 3 0 0
Martin St Louis 4 2 0 0
Teddy Purcell 2 1 0 0
Andrej Sustr 2 1 0 0
Brett Connolly 2 1 0 0
Tyler Johnson 0 0 0 0
Ondrej Palat 0 0 0 0

I really didn't know what I would find when I started this thread. Just wanted to see some simple stats. I'm walking away from it understanding why new blood is skating top line minutes. I won't lie, heading into the season I thought Malone was on a bubble of some kind. I will say the past few games I thought he looked good playing on the relief lines. Maybe that's his new role. Those lines could use an elite veteran presence anyways, and giving some of the youth top line experience is a positive for the future; even better if we continue to see the youth contributing on the line the way Killer has the past couple of games.

This post was written by a member of the Raw Charge community and does not necessarily represent or express the views or opinions of Raw Charge staff.

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