Afternoon Edition Sept 3: Predictions, goalie contracts, and Rookie Camp

Bruce Bennett

Hey it's September already! You know what comes after September? October, that's what.


Ohlund: "In a perfect world, I had played a few more years"
Here's a Swedish interview with Mattias Ohlund, via Google Translate. No one realistically thought he would be coming back, but it's unlikely he'll officially retire soon. If he retired now, it puts an unavoidable cap hit of almost $1.4M on the books this year. If he goes on LTIR instead the team can get a credit of close to his full $3.6M if they need it.

NHL Pre-season Predictions: Atlantic Division - No. 6 Tampa Bay Lightning - The Hockey News
Gotta warn everyone. Not many folks are going to be giving the Lighting the benefit of the doubt for the upcoming season. They've got a point. [VIDEO (autoplay)]


Corey Crawford, after a great season, gets 6 more from Blackhawks - NHL - Sporting News
Some people don't like Crawford's new contract.

Dave Lozo’s Bag Skate: From 30 to 1, team-by-team previews/predictions for the 2013-14 NHL season | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
Lozo gets all predict-y.


Report: KHL’s Moscow Dynamo interested in Ovechkin | ProHockeyTalk
Never change, KHL.

What exactly is a "Role Player" anyway? | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
Who ya gonna pick, Steve Yzerman? (Olympics)

Farm Report

Two-day prospects camp opens Sept. 4 |
The kiddos hit the ice tomorrow at 12:30pm at the Forum.

VIDEO: Jonathan Drouin of the Tampa Bay Lightning one-on-one - The Hockey News
Jo weighs in on the important questions like wearing shorts to the rink. And oh yeah, he's not really expecting to be on the first line for a while.


Gary Bettman salary: NHL commissioner earned $8.3 million in 2011-12 -
Git yur mad on.

The Market

Quick Thought: Stat Tracking | The LeafsNation
Jeff Veillette gives a quick rundown on taking traditional RTSS stats with at least a grain of salt.

Why all shot attempts aren't created equal - Broad Street Hockey
Very interesting. The ratio of on-goal shots to all shot attempts may not only be a true team "skill," it may be worth about two wins over an 82-game season.

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