To everything there is a season...

Everyone moves on, don't we, Roli? - Eliot J. Schechter

Change is coming to Raw Charge, as Clare moves on.

This is a strange post to find myself writing.

Some of you may have heard already, and some of you may be surprised by the news, but I am stepping back from my role here at Raw Charge. I'll still be around occasionally but I will be focusing on building my own blog, called Puckology, which launched earlier this month. And as much as I love Raw Charge and John and Clark and Cassie and Kyle and Nolan and Matt and all the others I've met here, including those who have themselves gone on to other things, this is something I have to do.

It's hard to explain why other than to say that life is a journey and writing is how I get from point A to point B and I have to follow the writing or I'm not who I am anymore. And if I'm not who I am--well I don't have anyone else to be, so I'm sunk. If you've ever been in that situation, you'll understand what I mean. If not, just know that I'm thankful for all of your conversation over the years and I wish everyone the very best in life.

I've enjoyed this part of my travels so much. I learned a huge amount and discovered things about myself and hopefully even matured as a person a little bit. But I want to do things that are my things and say things that are my things, even when they're things I may regret saying in the end. I've said a lot of things I regret saying over the years, and I don't expect that will change.

Puckology is a different kind of project than Raw Charge is. I'm still a Lightning fan, and I'll still be talking a lot about the Lightning, but there'll be other stuff in there, too. I'm not limiting myself to the Lightning or even to the NHL. I'll be both silly and serious as the mood strikes. And naturally there'll be stuff in there about goalies, because I wouldn't be me if I didn't talk about goalies. If you're inclined to give me a visit, that'd be swell.

In the meantime, the gang here will be keeping on like they always have, keeping you entertained and informed and whatnot. I'll even pop in now and then. For now I'll leave with the words of Toby Mac:

I can say without a doubt
I've never had it figured out
You've opened every door I've stepped through
I tried to keep my head about me
I'm thankful for my friends around me
So thankful for you.

So long, and thanks for all the pie.

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