Quick Strikes: Team USA's victory compared to Lake Placid, and some video reactions make it seem like it

T.J. Oshie may have a date with a Wheaties box cover. - Clive Mason

USA versus Russia was thrilling, but it wasn't that big... J.P. Cote's sitting for a while for a hit in Norfolk.

We're still trying to get a good rhythm going her with the Quick Strikes posts... The fact it's the Olympic break makes it a little tough to find much more than yesterday's reaction to Team USA's victory over the Russian Federation.

Another point to mention is that we're going t continue the "Twitter Follow the Day" part as long as we can. We've been random and not tied to the Olympics with who we have featured so far, in part because most absolute must follows for coverage of the Games (like, say, Bob McKenzie) are likely already followed by you.

Do you have great writing you'd like mentioned in our Quick Strikes post? Emailquickstrikes@rawcharge.net with a link and a short description.

Tampa Bay Lightning News
  • The Bolt Prospects weekly mailbag deals with Adam Erne and the value of a Tampacuse product as a trade cog, among other things. [Bolt Prospects]
  • Syracuse Crunch defenseman J.P. Cote was suspended by the AHL for five games for a hit on Saturday against Norfolk. [Syracuse.com]
Winter Olympics and General Hockey News
  • The United States victory over Russia was thrilling on Saturday, but I have to argue with Larry Brooks assertion that the win is the biggest, or even compares, to the 1980 Lake Placid "miracle." [New York Post]
  • But, uh, maybe I shouldn't try suggesting that to members of this bar in Oxford, Ohio [YouTube]:

  • In fact, you can find video from across the country of reactions to the win. The question is, why the hell can't the NHL tap into this passion on a normal basis? [Reddit /r/hockey]
  • Slovenia, competing in their first Winter Games, earned a win in men's ice hockey with Anze Kopitar leading the way [Jewels From the Crown]
Twitter follow of the day


Missy is staff over at Nucks Misconduct - SB Nation's Vancouver Canucks blog. While it seems like a random follow, twitter is much about random things. Besides, she likes Doctor Who, that makes her a-okay with a lot of you now, doesn't it?

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