A few suggested Tampa Bay Lightning-centric Twitter accounts to follow for the playoffs

Patti McDonald

Want a guide for who to follow for Tampa Bay Lightning coverage on Twitter? Let me point you to a few accounts worth your time.

So, you're a casual Tampa Bay sports fan and you're interested in coverage of the Lightning during this playoff season.  Or, maybe you're a Montreal Canadiens fan and you want to see how the other half lives?  Or maybe you're a general NHL fan and just want to see Lightning coverage during the playoffs?  Whatever the case, if you're attuned to social media, you're looking for whom to follow from Bolts Nation and we have a few suggestions for you below.

The beat writers and mainstream sources

Tampa Bay has two dedicated newspaper beat writers who know the ins and outs of this club and keep eeryone abreast on a day to day basis.  The team also employs their own beat reporter to cover things:

Erik Erlendsson (Tampa Tribune / TBO):

Damian Cristodero (Tampa Bay Times):

Missy Zielinski (Tampa Bay Lightning):

There are also links to radio and television worth noting. The Lightning also employ a full-time reporter to cover wider happenings with the club.

Paul Kennedy (Sun Sports / Fox Sports Florida host):

Lightning Radio:

Matt Sammon (director / personality from Lightning radio broadcasts):

Michelle Gingras (Tampa Bay Lightning reporter):

The Blogs and the bloggers:

Not including Raw Charge (@RawCharge), there are four top-level blogs of note for the Lightning. While there may be others that I'm unaware of, these are dedicated avenues for coverage:

Bolt Prospects (www.boltprospects.com):

Bolt Statistics (www.boltstatistics.com):

Bolts by the Bay (www.boltsbythebay.com ):

Lightning Shout! (lightning.nhlshout.com ):

After that, let me mention independent and individual writers. Ever one is a unique source for both information and conversation (though not always dedicated to the Lightning and hockey; these are personal accounts after all):

Mike Stuart (Hockey Buzz):

Thomas Fernandez (Sports Talk Florida):

Taylor Gaines (Hooked on hockey Magazine):

Alexis Boucher (Lightning Shout):

Jason Haas (Lightning Shout):

Pete Choquette (Bolt Prospects):

Mike Gallimore (Bolt Prospects / Bolt Statistics):

Kyle Alexander (Raw Charge / Bolt Statistics):

Clare Austin (Raw Charge / Puckology.com):

David Baldwin (Raw Charge):

Clark Brooks (Raw Charge):

Cassie McClellan (Raw Charge)

Nolan Whyte (Raw Charge:

(Note: Apologies to any Lightning bloggers I have missed or forgotten)

So who are your must follows for these playoffs for the Lightning? For the Canadiens?  How about the general NHL?  Post them in the comments.

Not on Twitter but curious about Lightning chatter and coverage?  You're in luck as we have a page dedicated to it here on Raw Charge.  This page includes players, prospects, some team officials and personalities, Syracuse Crunch accounts and more.

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