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"It starts in Minnesota" -- it ends at 5-11

The NFL unveiled the schedules for all 32 franchises today and of course that means the Buccaneers found out when and where they will be playing next season.... And my confidence is not being...


Sometime late last night - Boltsmag hit it's 15000th unique visitor on our tracking program... 15K and going... Now only if the NHL would get back in action :(

The Championship Roster

Even as the lockout continues and an end does not seem in sight, I couldn't help but thinking back to the long road it took the Lightning to put together a roster that would lead to Lord Stanley's...

The Last Temptation of Jonathan Gruden

There is talk - rampant speculation - that the Bucs will trad eup for a QB.,..? I say last temptation because if this team is goign to continue on this putrid track, he will not be Head Coach much...

One bolt to the WOrlds

No Brad. No Vinny. No Marty..... The WOrld needs to F34r Dan Boyle however... As Boyle was named part of Team Canada's squad.... Congratulations, Dan!

Play it again, Vince

I made reference yesterday to Vincent J. Naimoli throwing a fit and bannign a scout form Tropicana Field for using his private bathroom.... Well, Vince has more press devoted to him today and it...

Whooze Yer Daddy?

In this case, it's Martin St., Louis. Congratulations to Marty and his wife on getting through a very trying pregnancy with the birth of their son on March 30th. Lucas William weighed in at 7...

The Rays Follies

For anyone who still doubts the Devil Rays have the most inept leadership... please bear witness to this over-reaction from Vincent J. Naimoli. New York Media Machine - please start your...

Prep Playoffs

Everyone's talking about tonight's NCAA Frozen Four Finale... But isntead of me getting into that, I need to mention of the local prep team. Whatever happened to the Oldsmar Sandsharks? They're...


Me and Keith are talking about doing retrospective posting on the 2003-04 playoffs in the coming days. Though I don't know how that will go. Seeing tonight is the anniversary of the Flames first...

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