Question of the Week

Question of the week: Who should be going to the playoffs...but isn't?

The Raw Charge staff ponders the question: Is there anybody that didn't make the playoffs that should have?

Question of the week: Who shall we root against?

The season is coming to an end. Raw Charge staffers explain why they're cheering for those other teams to lose and lose hard.

Question of the Week: Which financially struggling NHL teams would you relocate or contract?

The Tampa Bay Lightning have often found themselves in the middle of relocation rumors. Because of that, what do Lightning fans think about relocating other teams?

Question of the Week: The qualities for a new NHL commissioner?

Not that Commissioner Gary Bettman is going anywhere....but what qualities would you like to see in the next NHL commissioner?

QOTW: What would you change about the NHL?

No-touch icing? Realignment? More intense contract restrictions? No more Gary Bettman? What would you change in the NHL?

Question of the Week: 2012 NHL trade deadline aftermath

As the dust continues to settle from the transactions of the past two weeks in Tampa, we ask Lightning writers to comment on the moves that have been made by Steve Yzerman and company.

Question of the Week: Why does the Southeast Division suck so much?

After everyone was sure the Southeast Division would be formidible in 2011-12, it's been nothing of the sort. Why?

Question of the Week: What ONE thing would you go back and change before the start of this season?

This week's Question of the Week asks what you would do if you could turn back time?

Question of the week: Grade the new kids

The RawCharge staff and others look at where some of the newest Lightning players stand at midseason.

Question of the Week: NHL's All-Star Weekend - what would you keep or change about it?

The 2012 NHL All-Star Game has come in gone in Ottawa, but the controversy remains what should be kept or taken away from it - or even if it should be played ever again. So the Raw Charge staff was asked what they'd keep or change about the All-Star Game in this week's Question of the Week.

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