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Jeffrey Vinik's Modus Operandi


The sounds of silence dominate Jeffrey Vinik's search for a CEO for the Tampa Bay Lightning... And he wouldn't like it better any other way. While the media shares speculation-as-fact with readers,...

Bobby Taylor unveil's his team-awards picks


Another piece that you may have missed if you are out-of-market or did not continue watching a Lightning Live post-game telecast... Bobby "The Chief" Taylor's award winners.

Rick Tocchet interviewed on Leafs Lunch


Given there's two sides to every story, Tocchet played his half of "he said, she said" with Darren Dreger on 640 Toronto yesterday. Outcome not terribly surprising, but fair play to Tocchet, he acted as professionally as he could have, given the situation. Downloadable version here.

The future of Marty with the Tampa Bay Lightning


He's called a lot of things, nickname wise, but Marty St. Louis is the heart and soul of the Lightning. News is St. Louis is growing disgruntled with all the losing, and may seek a trade depending...

All hail Art Williams


The owner who was out of his league but had his heart in the right place, Art Williams legacy was clearing out Lightning debt, multiple football reference, and a T-shirt presented to newly-drafted Vincent Lecavalier who would be "The Michael Jordan of Hockey". "I Am A Stud" now you can be too!

2010 NHL Draft Lottery open thread


The 2010 NHL draft lottery drawing is upon us. Join in on the live discussion at Raw Charge about the draft, 2010's top prospects and general witty banter among the Raw Charge community.

Game 82: Post Game video with Vincent Lecavalier


Some of you missed this when it aired live because you're out-of-market, or perhaps you just didn't sticks around for Lightning Live. Whatever the case, you can view Paul Kennedy's interview with Vincent Lecavalier (featuring remarks about #51 by Steven Stamkos) by clicking the title link.

Our 2009-10 Tampa Bay Lightning team award winners


With the conclusion of the Tampa Bay Lightning season, we at Raw Charge would like to take a moment and announce our picks for award-winners for the Lightning. Is Stamkos or St. Louis team MVP?...

Public Opinion: What fans have to say about Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik's early moves


New Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik fired GM Brian Lawton and head coach Rick Tocchet. Here's what some of the public thinks of his moves.

Media jump-starts GM Search for Lightning


Speculation is already in high gear regarding replacement of Brian Lawton. Who will be the next Lightning GM?

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