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Tampa Bay Lightning game 44: versus the Philadelphia Flyers

Flyers fly over Lightning. Again.


Tampa Bay Lightning at Philadelphia Flyers game thread

Tampa Bay ends their road trip in Philadelphia. This is your Lightning versus Flyers game thread.

Now the twist in the story is a power surge caused the circuit breaker to go belly up and keep...

Now the twist in the story is a power surge caused the circuit breaker to go belly up and keep doing so. By the time they reset was going to take way longer than 10 minutes to get the arena lit to 100% or something close to playable. I can hear it fans of other teams could say this could only happen in New Jersey. I still remember to this day when this happened at MSG in 1994 during an Aerosmith concert. They were able to play on but their set was cut short a bit. Fans were compensated. Now about 10pm was when my brother got a call from PSE&G. See my brother is a journeyman electrician in the state and well I really would not trust any electrical work without him looking at it first. The brother and several others got calls because they worked on the circuit breaker in question. By then, the game was pretty much going to be called anyway. It was more a question of when the lights would come back on. Basically as said brother quoted "10 minutes to reset that?....try at least a couple hours!" Well sure enough about 11:30, the power came back at 100% of its original glory. As everyone knows now, the game will be resumed 6pm tomorrow evening at The Rock. It was good to see Tampa, New Jersey, and the NHL come up with an easy solution that made everyone happy. The lesson to be learned here is really there is no embarrassment. Power spikes happen all the time. Remember that huge blackout a few years back? Just be thankful that the lights only dimmed. Imagine if the entire arena blacked out completely. I am just saying.

FanShots - Raw Charge - The static cling that brings Tampa Bay Lightning fans together

Halftime entertainment: Lightning at Philadelphia Flyers Preview

After the Tampa Bay Lightning's unusual game postponement in New Jersey, they travel to the City of Brotherly Love for a game with the Flyers. Will Niittymaki finally start a game against his old club?

Lights out at the Rock -- Lightning vs. Devils postponed due to power outage at Prudential Center

The night the lights went out in Newark -- Lightning vs. Devils game postponed due to power failure.


Tampa Bay Lightning at New Jersey Devils game thread

The Rock is a hard place -- Lightnign take on the East leading Devils. This is your game thread.

Hart; Vezina; Calder; Norris: It's SB Nation's NHL Midseason Awards

The SB Nation staff (most of all the site-managers of yoru favorite hockey blogs) got together and voted for some of the stars from the first half of the season. All the major awards were included. There were no consensus votes, but majorities were vast in most every category except the Selke. Find out just who we thought had the best first half by clicking the link in the title.

Season series finale: Lightning vs. New Jersey Devils preview

The Bolts are squaring off against the East leading New Jersey Devils. Every final score has been close this season between the two teams. Can the Lightning eke out a victory this time?

The best Tampa Bay Lightning line combinations of the past decade

Ten years can host a lot of line combinations on any hockey team, but few stand out. For the Lightning, we name five different combos and note their significance to the team since 2000.

"Unplugged" series to feature Stamkos, Konopka next

The next Lightning Unplugged session is coming up next week. Find out the who, where and when.

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