Same old, same old, same old in Habsland

RJ at Bolts Blog made mention of the same old rumor, making the same old rounds: Vincent Lecavalier is going to Montreal! Les Habs will sell the farm for Vinny! It'll happen! It'll happen! ...

remnants to desire

I've been meaning to link to James Mirtle's who's left? post for a while which has a rundown of free agents that are still out there for collection. The Lightning aren't likely doing any more...

Ready? Steady? D'oh?

RJ's got some choice words for Jay Feaster regarding his comparisons between Nikolai Khabibulin to Johan Holmqvist and Marc Denis:   Steady, not spectacular? Give us a chance? How about be able...

You know it's the off season when...

You know it's the off season when fans start filling up idle time between seasons by summarizing rosters or piecing together all-time teams. Hell, I summarized how the Lightning's championship...

Congratulations are in order

I hadn't found Erin Chenderlin's Tampa Bay Lightning blog until Ski mentioned it on a post he did on another site. Unfortunately Erin won't be continuing her blogging endeavors as she's taken an...

Lyle on Bruce on Brad

Lyle's outdone himself... Or should I say Bruce Garrioch at the Ottawa Sun has outdone himself and Lyle at Spectors has simply called a spade a spade in simplicity and eloquence? Bruce will get us...

Lightning blogosphere note is down and out at the moment with thanks to a lightning strike. As it's team of writers note -- it's an irony of ironies... They'll be back up in a jiff though, and surely will...

Game 3 MIA in Tampa Bay

RJ at Bolts Blog pointed out a travesty in the local media market that needs to be rectified -- STAT! In case you haven't heard, channel 8 is preempting the game Saturday to run the All...

Congratulations are in order

...To Patricia at 2 Man Advantage who figured that the Devils were dead in the water. Surprise, Surprise! No, Ma'am. Not while Colin Campbell is still in a job. I'll leave it at that.

Man Disadvantage

Patricia over at had some choice words to summarize her live-blogging of game 3. Okay, game is over. Devils lose. Series is only 2-1 Lightning, but it might as well be 3-1 in my...

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