Lightning and NHL Rumors

The (rumored) top three GM candidates [updated with poll]

The names came out in rumors Wednesday: Yzerman, Risebrough and Nonis. Three candidates, three levels of experience as NHL executives, and all on the short-list for the role of Lightning general manager.

Leiweke rumor denied by Seahawks

Tod Leiweke rumors persist this morning, and the Seattle Seahawks deny his imminent departure for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Tampa Bay front office rumors swirl on Wednesday night

While the world focused on the Washingotn capitals being upset by the Montreal Canadiens, rumors and speculation swirled about the future of the Lightning as names and candidates seemed to solidify.

Report: Barrie, Bolts almost traded Stamkos to New York

Just when you think the story of OK Hockey is over, a new report by Larry Brooks reminds us of the impulsive nature of the former Lightning ownership group. They nearly traded a rookie Steven Stamkos to New York.

Opinion: Lightning should be sellers, not buyers

The Lightning fell down, went boom over the last four games in the Eastern Conference playoff race. Maybe it's time to wave the white flag....?

The Lightning have no room for Ilya Kovalchuk

The Bolts can use all the offensive help they can get, but under the system employed at current -- it'd be an absolute waste to try bringing in the likes of Ilya Kovalchuk.

Is goaltender Mike Smith being shopped?

Have the Bolts been showcasing goaltender Mike Smith, who has started six of the past nine games? A report from the Philadelphia area suggests so.

The looming transaction - Ryan Craig on re-call waivers

Forward Ryan Craig was placed on re-entry waivers -- makign him eligible to return to the NHL if he should happen to clear. What is not clear is who the Bolts will move in order to create roster space for his potential addition to the team.

Tanguay and Tampa Bay on the threshold of becoming reality

Tanguay and Tampa Bay - The wait is over

Are Tanguay and Tampa Bay at odds?

The courtship of Alex Tanguary has stalled in Tampa... While Tanguay's agent is more than willing to talk to the pressin Minnesota...

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