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Matt Bradley steals Ovechkin's fight


Here's the frame by frame breakdown of Matt Bradley taking over for Alex Ovechkin in fighting Steve Downie - from the other side of center ice. This is from the Washington Post. Still, it's a good breakdown.

Tampa Bay Lightning Game 45: versus the Washington Capitals


The Washington Capitals visited the Tampa Bay Lightning. Did the Lightning break the Caps 12-game winning streak against them?

Video of Ovechkin / Downie / Bradley [UPDATED]


It was a wild third period in Times Palace as Alexander Ovechkin and Steve Downie went at it... Went to the box, and were ready to go at it again...


Washington Capitals at Tampa Bay Lightning game thread

Ovi! Vinny! Green! Hedman! Semin! Stamkos! Capitals and Bolts are getting under way shortly. We're getting underway now. This is your Raw Charge game thread.

Tampa Bay Lightning versus Washington Capitals gameday preview


The Washington Capitals are in town to play the Tampa Bay Lightning... Will Alex Ovechkin light up the Sticks of Fire? Or will Tampa Bay play a strong home game as they have to date? This is your...

The Lightning have no room for Ilya Kovalchuk


The Bolts can use all the offensive help they can get, but under the system employed at current -- it'd be an absolute waste to try bringing in the likes of Ilya Kovalchuk.

Happenings at Times Palace: Operation: Spare Change, Pucks for Paws [UPDATED]


There are a pair of different awareness events at the St. Pete Times forum this week (and month) that fans planning to attend may want to help out with. We have some of the details ehre.

Bolt Prospects 2009-2010 Midterm Rankings


The Bolt Prospects crew have put together their mid-season rankings of talent in the Lightning system. They explain, firstly, criteria for making it onto the list (...prospects aren't NHL regulars. Yet.) and then give you the list of the tops'o'the'system. Among those ranked are Ty Wishart, Blair Jones, Dana Tyrell, Dustin Tokarski and plenty of others. In which order are they ranked? You have to read the article in order to find out.

Tampa Bay Lightning Game 43: at the New Jersey Devils


The Tampa Bay Lightning finally finished the second half of their game against the New Jersey Devils. Did they win after starting with a 3-0 lead?

Tampa Bay Lightning at New Jersey Devils game thread (cont'd)


The second half of the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New Jersey Devils (suspended on January 8th) begins now. This is your Lightning game thread for that matchup.

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