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Snowbirdin': Ottawa Senators at Tampa Bay Lightning game thread

The Lightning and the Senators square off at Times Palace again. This is the official Raw Charge game thread -- stop in for a while...

Off Topic: Other Tampa Bay sports team ownership rumors

The elder statesman in Tampa Bay pro sports, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL franchise, was rumored for sale today. The rumors were shot down by the team (slanderous! outrageous! irresponsible!) but there have been rumors about Buccaneer ownership for quite some time now. At any rate, our friends at have more on the subject -- and of course check out the comments on the Fanshot on the brouhaha from today... Because it's much more active than the Buccaneer offense at current (which isn't saying much as the team is bye this week).

Ottawa at Tampa Bay game preview -- Lightning hope for stronger showing this time around

Redemption? Revenge? Or simply showing the leageu that the ship has been righted? For the Lightning,, it needs to be one or all of those things in tonight's game versus the Ottawa Senators.

Jeff Greene out as potential investor in the Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning ownership situation gets murkier as a potential investor drops his bid to invest in the team.

JoeBoltsFan " Bolts Pass On Inside Knowledge - Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey

Joe from Joe Bolts Fan laments the fact the Tampa Bay Lightning didn't turn to Drew Miller as the kryptonite against his brother, Ryan. Does a brother have insider knowledge on how to beat his goaltending sibling?

More Naked Shootout

Off topic but another game of Naked Shootout has turned up in the public's eye, this one doesn't have as much of an all-fun-and-games ending.

NHL Power Rankings, Week 4

SB Nation's week 4 power rankings are up at The Bolts aren't exactly fighting for the top spot of any power chart, but it's a start...

What's next with ownership?

No news has come to light recently regarding the Tampa Bay Lightning ownership situation... But Oren Koules window of opportunity to buy the team is closing -- if buyout windows are still in place at all.

Paul Ranger on leave from Lightning

Details are sketchy as to why but defenseman Paul Ranger has requested and been granted leave from the Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning Game 9: versus the Buffalo Sabres

The Tampa Bay Lightning played the Buffalo Sabres, with the game going to a shootout. Who won?

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