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Tampa Bay Lightning Game 6: at the Ottawa Senators

The Tampa Bay Lightning played the Ottawa Sentators in a blowout. But who won?


Tampa Bay Lightning at Ottawa Senators open thread

The Lightning (2-1-2) square off against the Senators (3-2-0) from Scotiabank Place in Ottawa. The Open Thread is open for business.

Lightning in the Capital. No, no, the other one... (Bolts vs. Ottawa preview)

The Bolts venture into the nation's capital ... no, no, the other one. Ottawa, yeah... They square off against the Senators. We've got the preview here for you.

Grading Along With Brian Lawton - Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey

Joe of and co-blogger Amanda Harris take it upo themselves to grade the Lightning five-games intot eh season. They do this because apparently that's what Brian Lawton is doing -- grading the Bolts in five-game intervals. Just what is the team grade so early in the season? Click on the title to find out. And how would YOU grade the Lightning so far?

Should the Bolts retire Dave Andreychuk's #25?

Former Tampa Bay Lightning captain dave Andreychuk's #25 has not been retired. Chris Reddaway woudl liek to rectify the situation. Who should be the first number retired by the Lightning and when will that happen?

Tampa Bay Lightning Game 5: versus the Florida Panthers

The Tampa Bay Lightning just won their second game of the season. Who'd they beat?


Florida Panthers at Tampa Bay Lightning open thread

The Florida Panthers visit the Tampa Bay Lightning in tonight's matchup.

Florida Panthers at Tampa Bay Lightning preview

The Lightning face off against a reeling and dismal Florida Panthers team tonight in Tampa. The Bolts have lost 12 of their last 13 though, while the Pantehrs have lost 3 of their first four.

Bolt Prospects 2009-2010 Preliminary Rankings

Teh BP crew has put up their preliminary prospect ranking sfor the 2009-10 season for the Bolts. This is just a listing of where they stack young talent playing in the Lightning's system (be it in junior hockey, college hockey, overseas or with the big club). No surprise that Victor Hedman is ranked #1. Click on the title link to find out soem fo the other rankings.

LW Radek Smolenak claimed off waivers from Chicago Blackhawks

It's almost like Radek Smolenak is trapped. No matter where he goes -- he bounces somewhere else. AHL, Tampa Bay, Russia and the KHL, Tampa Bay, Chicago and right back to the AHl.... Just int he course of a few months. The Bolts reclaimed Smolenak when the Chicago Blackhawks tried to send him down to the AHL.

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