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Grand Theft Referee

Leave it to the on ice officials to ruin a goalie duel by invoking a shootout rule that didn't fit the situation. Of course, I will not get on the case of Colorado fans who see my remarks as sour...


How many people are looking forward to the Winter Classic this year? [poll id=55] While we're at it, of the three teams at the top of the Southeast division standings, who's best poised to win the...

Season 1.3 starts tonight

With 11 games until the season midway point, the main news out of Tampa this week was... training camp. Yes, training camp... Coach Rick Tocchet ran the nag that has been the Lightning roster ...

And in other "This has to be a joke" news...

Greg White of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is now Stylez White. Teen Wolf anyone?

"No, Oren, I am your father..."

You know, I get a real kick out of the Lightning's alternate duds. No joke, I really like the blue, I really like the sleeves and the hem stripes... The only thing I truly didn't ever like when I...

Everywhere. Nowhere. Your Tampa Bay Lightning 30 games in

Mike Chen can't look away at the train wreck here in Tampa, and who can blame him? Ooh, blame... Good subject for an article Mike! Have at it!   The real culprit? I can see why people can point...

Ouch -- and not at the injury

Despite how much TOm Korun may embellish the injury, 10 stitches would not keep Martin St. Louis out of action.

Demotion = Down = Downie

I am not exactly crying over the news Steve Downie was sent down to Norfolk. Apologies to the Admirals. You deserve better.

Lightning and Les Habs

Two periods are in the books and the Lightning have looked more like... well, like the Tampa Bay Lightning that I've seen in the past -- finesse and deftness. Sadly, the question that stands out...


OK, I am doing some housecleaning on my linkroll/blogroll... This means it MIGHT be a good time to contact me about a link exchange requests and what not. I've been horrible about keeping up with...

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