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Juiced story syndrome

Rays / Red Sox about to get underway on TBS (why the hell did MLB approve putting all playoff games in the first two rounds on basic cable?!) but I wanted to bring up MSNBC trying to milk...

Design update

...which doesn't mean I will be blogging more often but I was tired of the old design, big time, for Boltsmag. As it stands, it's not easy to find comments unless you visit the permalink for the...

Who's next?

Shane O'Brien is history, along with Michel Oullett. While Michel never worked out, I had and continue to have high hopes for Shane. The system here in TB has changed -- and it remains to be seen...


One of Boltsmag's longtime readers introduced me to a game that he and a few local bloggers up north put together for Washington Capitals fans and Toronto Maple Leaf fans. It's called Pick SPG and...

30th place

A joke thread was started over at Calgary Puck over the summer. I'm partly to blame for it but not as much as the ticket rep with the Lightning who sent out the mailer in question that was...

A Marketing disaster

Opening day for the Tampa Bay Lightning and you know what? I had no clue it was today. I had no clue start time was before noon here in the Tampa Bay television market. I had no clue what station...


Yeah, that's me... Of course no one has heard hide nor hair from me on the blogosphere about the Lightning since... well, my last post. I've been busy as hell with other projects and interest in...

Welcome to Tampa, Oren and Len

You are not making the most of first impressions in hockey circles. Just saying.

The other lingering rumor

I don't know how far and wide this has carried since I saw it first mentioned in a St. Petersburg Tiems article last week, but Vincent Lecavalier wants to stay in Tampa. That isn't news (though...

I'm in denial.

He's gone. It can't be so... But it is? The last few months I have not been comfortable with the direction of the Lightning. Seeing Brad Richards go was painful - though I am told it was a done...

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