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It's not quite working, yet it is...

Another site note here at Boltsmag: You'll notice a (ugly, misaligned) calendar on the left hand sidebar where the Poll usually is located. This is due to be an all-purpose calendar for the site...

ownership suitors more competitive than the team?

The St. Pete Times found it more relevant to update the fans about the Lightning suitor situation this morning -- putting it on the non-Bucs cover of the Sports section. Within the article, you're...

Tampa Bay Lightning at Atlanta

Bolts at the Thrash (game thread? I'm testing out an events calendar)

Unstable and Unable

It's a rather simple equation, repeated nightly by the Lightning... It's what's kept me silent for so long - because I thought there would be change as the season progressed... What seems...

Site work

Believe it or not, I'm not dead, maimed, brainwashed or any other malignant thing.... well, that's subjective (lazy can be termed as malignant, can't it?). At any rate, I'm currently working...

On the Water, or in the drink?

Do the Rays really need a new stadium? At the same time, do they really need a new stadium on a cramped location on the water that offers no parking? Continues life on the tip of the Pinellas...

Absolute Hockey falls down, goes boom

This falls squarely under the "WTF" category... The sale of the Tampa Bay Lightning from Palace Sports and Entertainment to Absolute Hockey LTD. has fallen through Palace Sports nixed the...

Bryzgalov on waivers

RJ had stated this offseason that trading Vaclav Prospal for Anaheim Ducks goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov was a possibility. At least that was the rumor. Forget a trade now, Bryzgalov is on waivers. ...

Game Night(s) Open Thread

I gotta get on a jet plane in the morning and travel ou twest. That being said, rumors of my return to Boltsmag and blogging my discontent about the Lightning at the moment have been greatly...


Is it just me or does it seem as if watching Lightning games has become a grasping competition by Rick Peckham and Bobby Taylor when it comes to bright spots? Heck, let me go further and blame...

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