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Johan and the kitties

Johan Holmqvist starts in net tonight for the Lightning against Florida... ... Let me say it again, maybe this will register for some of you die hards and some of you non-die-hards. Johan...

Vinny + Puck Bunny

Greg Wyshynski over at AOL's FanHouse alerted me to this, uh, video... I'll let Greg do the talking and then let Courtney the Hockey Fan further do the, um,talking?

more weight than perceived

Atlanta visiting Tampa Bay on Saturday night was overshadowed in the south with college football (LSU hosting Florida and a full slate of college football games in the ACC, Big East and SEC) that...

NHL Network in Tampa Bay

I was checking news feeds from my favorite blogs and David Singer's The Ice Block got my attention... "NHL Network Coming to America" was a compelling post title seeing people have been waiting...

It's opening night

So where do we go from here? The Tampa Bay Lightning have had two consecutive seasons of up-and-down play where they start off okay, trail off for November and December, then go into overdrive for...

Are kids all right?

I've been pushing for prospects to get a shot at Lightning defensive roles... I wasn't happy that the Bolts didn't give an extended shot in the past to many younger players outside of Andy Rogers...

A view to a pre

Just a heads up to readership here at Boltsmag -- I wrote up a preview of the Lightning's 2007-08 season for Pensblog. Of course, Pens fans aren't going to be cheering anything about the Lightning...

The "crappy player pick'em" returns!

As the reigning champion of Mike Chen's Crappy Player Pick'em, it's my duty to announce that the Crappy Player Pick'em contest has returned! Get over to Mike Chen's Hockey Blog and play along, or...

How do you say "WTF" in Czech?

Well, either the NHL thinks highly of the Tampa Bay Lightning or they're trying to get even with us for something or other... There's a news piece out of Pittsburgh (covered here by s...


I've been trying to focus on some responsibilities away from Boltsmag... Yesterday was a day especially where I was focusing away from the site and hockey in general. Keith, my Calgary Flames fan...

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