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I could be writing about hockey...

...but this is more fun. Especially after that mockery disguised as a sporting event. Overdue, in fact... But I will support his removal (along with Bruce Allen) cuz I roll like that. No wait,...

USF shocks the War Eagles at Auburn

(title changed and some other name/grammar edits because I'm a College Football idiot and don't know the SEC from the KGB, FBI, GUI, ennui, etc) And welcome to the AP top 25 rankings, gentlemen......


I moderated a discussion between Ski of Best Bucs Blog and Scott of BucStats this week concerning the Buccaneers upcoming season... Though we rambled quite a bit with the discussion and not all of...

acquisition rank

As some of you may have noticed, we have a new poll here asking who amounts to the biggest off-season acquisition for the Bolts? I added two names that were brought in specifically for depth --...

where to buy a clunker

Tommy sent me a story this afternoon about the Buccaneers having what is termed as the largest non-US flag now flying at their complex near Raymond James stadium. My only thought on this was thus:...

Rimouski Risk

f the Lightning's off season moves, the biggest chances are the two new wings Brad Richards will most likely work with this upcoming year: Left Wing Jan Hlavac, who has been in Europe the last few...

Boltosphere housekeeping note

Just wanna' publish the news Bolts Blog has moved from a herky jerky Blogger/Blogspot URL address to the more rememberable

give it up already

Roenick's sticking around after all. This after announcing his retirement -- by text message. I don't mean to sully J.R. like I have in the title but really -- while he has another shot by...

In concept

Chris at the Tourney of Logos has done a solid job all off season covering the RBK Edge change over and keeping fans involved via polls and other user-created-content requests. At any rate, he's...

Come on back, Phil

A couple of days ago, Damian at the Times via his Lightning Strikes blog reported (and I cannot find this post any more, bloggers don't remove even false reports - only clarify them) that Doug...

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