I did this last season and of course the media didn't listen, nor did the team... I'm hoping the local blogosphere can help carry this into the mainstream but... "When does Lightning show up...

Well, on a totally different tangent...

Mike Chen had a "crappy player pick'em" this season where one was supposed to venture who would be the best-worst player out of a field of players picked by friends and fellow bloggers. Yours...


A user over at FanHome has stated the suspected Lightning RBK Edge uniform redesign is false, but has also stated that the Lightning's duds are going to be touched up a bit. And while we're on the...


EriK at the Trib complains about the weather (and Erik, your copy editing of this blog entry is as horrid as mine here at Boltsmag :) ) and floats the idea that Doug Janik will dress for tonights...


OK, so I am not liveblogging like the immaculate James Mirtle or the perpetually superior Lyle Richardson, but I did have to tip my hat to both of my fellow bloggers. If you don't know Lyle by...

I didn't get the memo

Boltsmag's reputation always surprises me... Case in point, why didn't anyone tip me off that Sports Illustrated's online profile for the Lightning links directly to the blog?! Scroll down to...

10 Things learned...

I'm not big on yearly recaps.. When you reach a certain point, they all become cliché while reviewing the last year. Yet when it comes with great writing and a hockey slant as Mike Chen pulls off...


I made a little statement in one of yesterday's posts: That’s a wider notion than just on-ice play. Safe is death — (making) sure your locker room situation remains passive and unchanged can lead...

Know Tampa? Win Lightning tickets

Act fast! Sticks of Fire is holding a little contest for tickets to tomorrow night's Lightning/Canadiens game... I'll just tell you the question is about Tampa history and the seats are pretty...

Hockey night in DC

The Off Wing Opinion crowd has been covering the Caps extra intently this season with "Hockey Night In Washington" and has a thread dedicated to tonights game up. It's not exactly a Boltsmag Game...

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