"Your all star from the Vancouver Canucks -- Rory Fitzpatrick!"

Campaigning for the legend that is... Rory Fitzpatrick?

Cross blog polling

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, blog wise, but no promises. There's an interesting blame-game poll up over at Sticks of Fire about the 2006 Bucs... Ultimately where does the...

Stark contrast

The Hockey News Yearbook doesn't care for the Lightning much right now. Jes Golbez lists the Bolts as a "team on the decline" (and it can be listed as such) But John Buccigross at ESPN is...

cross blogging goodness

Ski over at the Best Bucs Blog gave me an open invite to post over there (you may recall Ski posted over here while I was down and out with hand surgery during last season season). I took him up...

You're on notice!

Hat tip to William F. Yurasko by way of Eric at Off Wing... Explaining the list just a bit -- it's not all hockey. I could give detailed reasonings why certain members of this list make my list...


Last year after getting shot down for press credentials, I shot a letter off Eric McErlain over at Off Wing Opinion. Eric posted a story about it and a few things happened from there... NHL rules...

Tagged! I'm it!

Mike Chen, trying to wake the likes of me and others up from Summer Doldrums, has tagged me! I'm supposed to write five wierd things about myself and... hey, what the hell right? Lemme give you...

the mercanaries versus the misplaced capital franchise

Ski does what he can to inform the Football craving masses of the start of the NHL playoffs tonight: And apparently the postseason for this odd sport starts today, with our "local" boys facing...

The Future of Brad Richards

If you gotta talk transactions and listen to rumors, you gotta go with Lyle Richardson of Spectors Hockey fame... In this case, Lyle -- while blogging at Fox Sports -- goes into detail about Brad...

More on Gauthier/Lecavalier

Dave at the Ice Block takes on Lecavalier mixing it up with Denis Gauthier last night. So what came of all that? Lecavalier picked up 27 penalty minutes. A fighting major accompanied by an...

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