Business of Hockey

Jeff Greene out as potential investor in the Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning ownership situation gets murkier as a potential investor drops his bid to invest in the team.

Lightning ownership situation back in spotlight

The merry-go-round continues to spin regarding Bolts ownership and a new report suggests Oren Koules is letting Len Barrie continue his quest to buy him out, just as Koules prepares his own buyout of Barrie.

More Conflicting Reports: Barrie and Tampa Bay's Ownership Situation

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been working thru their ownership issues. However, conflicting reports keep surfacing. What's going on?

Rumors of Barrie's demise have been exaggerated

Rumors of Len Barrie's demise have been at least temporarily exaggerated in the press.

Contradictory reports on Len Barrie's ownership stake surface

contradictory reports have come out this evening about Lightning owner Len Barrie. One has him walking away from the Lightning and another says he is on the verge of a partnership. Which source do you trust?

Happy Anniversary?

It's been two years since Oren Koules popped onto the scene in Tampa Bay with the surprise news of the Lightning's pending sale to Absolute Hockey in 2007.

A proverbial bucket of cold water on Lightning fans

There has been a lot of good press fo the Lightning this past week in Tampa Bay. That took a turn on Sunday, reminding local groups that issues of Lightning team ownership need to be settled for the good of the region.

OT: NHLFA conducts survey regarding the Coyotes situation

It's been quite a while since we've heard anything from the long tenured (but ultimately low-membered) National Hockey League Fan Association.  Unlike many of the groups that came and went (and...

Barrie wants More

Len Barrie was interviewed in the Globe and Mail (Canada) and confirmed that he is trying to sell his stake in his British Columbia development, Bear Mountain.  The piece mostly focuses on this and...

Spoken words and consequences

I seriously doubt that Martin St. Louis is gunning for Vincent Lecavalier's captainship with his recent outbursts about the team, but I have to say that this is something I think has been long...

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