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Head coach Guy Boucher's first-pitch wrist-shot before Tampa Bay Rays game

A wrist-shot of a baseball from the mound, for a perfect strike? Lightning head coach Guy Boucher unleashes the awesome.

Marketing a defaced product

"The 24 Greatest Home Run Hitters" - is a farce of a subject in an era marred by performance enhancing drugs.


Provincialism has long held back the Tampa Bay region for different reasons. Provincialism once again comes to the limelight as the Tampa Bay Rays seek a stadium that may end up outside the St. Pete city limits.

William A. Shea Stadium's drawn out end

The demise of William A. Shea Stadium is now in progress.

Juiced story syndrome

Rays / Red Sox about to get underway on TBS (why the hell did MLB approve putting all playoff games in the first two rounds on basic cable?!) but I wanted to bring up MSNBC trying to milk...

"Major risk, major reward?" or "Evan Almighty!"

I've gotten used to the New York Islanders pulling stuff like this and I've also gotten used to the Tampa Bay lack-of-Devil Rays pulling this on a cost effective platform in the past... But a nine...

Crossing the line, sports wise

I got sent a story last night from my friend here in Tampa. He's a Red Sox fan and this was about a Yankees fan... So I wasn't at all surprised when he told me "Why is this news?" Yet this is...

Rays sending out feelers on ballpark

The St. Pete Times reported this morning in a short blurb on the cover of their print sports section that the D-Rays are sending out feelers for what fans would want in a new ballpark and where. ...

Feel the love

Anyone remember Delmon Young demanding money from reporters who wished to interview him? Oh wait, it gets better as Delmon is looking at a suspension for throwing his bat at an umpire. (view the...


Stop Bonds

I'm usually not big on petition sites (tried it one time and it didn't work out) but I believe this deserved mention... There is an Online Petition campaign against Barry Bonds.. It's in it's...

should barry bonds retire?

(I'm writing this Sunday for later publication on Boltsmag while I'm away) The St. Petersburg Times is running their weekly "Face Off" column on the subject of Barry Bonds. The column is...

WBC = HBC = Boring

"World Baseball classic" is actually the "Heritage Baseball Classic" -- I mean how else can you explain American citizens, born, raised and what not in the United States, playing for other...

South Florida Baseball on the ropes

Give it up to Jeffery Loria and Dave Sampson. Not only were teh Loria/Sampson duo content with ending Major League Baseball's tenure in Montreal through lies and deceit... Now they're formally...

Tampa Bay Baseball roundup

First off, a moment of silence for a fallen hero of Tampa Bay Sports... Al Lopez has passed. Lopez was the Bay area's first hall of famer and a link to the golden era of Major League baseball...

The Worst GM in baseball is...

....No surprise. Well, ESPN is sponsoring a ranking game for the fans to rank every general manager in Major League Baseball.... ...And there is only one man who deserves to be ranked #30.

Marlins inching closer to relocation?

Not feeling great here folks... but there is some news out there that deserves discussion.... The Florida Marlins and Miami have been given a deadline to reach -- June 9th -- by Major League...

Public Display of Affection planned

Our friends at have a plan of action for the (few) fans who attend May 7th's game against the Minnesota Twins May 28th's game against the Mariners: This is an email from...

Don't you know, the Nationals don't matter?

You know, during the Lightning's playoff run last season, I was extremely upset at the media coverage of the team and the bias that Bristol (and the Extremely Partial Sports Network - EPSN. AKA...

Baseball Bastards

No hockey news in the local media this morning besides a WHA fluff piece in the Trib. That being said, I can't turn a blind eye towards congressional hearings and the world of Major League...

XM'ed Out

Damn my hearing situation. (baseball related note - not worth checking into if you do not like baseball)

The Unfriendly Confines

Against better judgement, I've been spending time on and the baseball boards that are a part of the network (note to FanHome members and mods -- Hi, how are you, and i did not...

The Big Money Deals of MLB and the NHL Labor Woes

Maybe John Romano at the St. Petersburg Times read a piece I published last year regarding Alex Rodriguez deal to New York.... Whatever the case, Romano writes another great piece criticizing the...

To bide the time...

Well, no Hockey... Anyone care to join me talking baseball? Playoff baseball at that?

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