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An interview with Vanessa Rodriguez of Opera Tampa


National Anthem singer Vanessa Rodriguez talks about her passion for performing opera and watching Lightning hockey.

Tis the season to go shopping


Tis the season to go shopping, and we've got a coupon code for you to do just that - as well as a tool to help find low prices on NHL jerseys.


So you Want to Be a Hockey Blogger....

I get it. You see the glamour of the late nights, the gallons of coffee, and the pointless twitter arguments and you think to yourself, "how can I get in on that sweet, sweet deal? I've seen what...

My first Shark Tank expereince


Freshly transplanted to San Jose, California, I take in the experience at the SAP Center for the Bolts road game against the Sharks.


The Bolts and Sports Bars

Are there sports bars dedicated to Tampa Bay Lightning hockey that we (fans in general) should know about? Not just in Tampa Bay, but around the country and further...

A word on NHL Gamecenter Live


Though it's a sponsored post, it's also an endorsement: NHL Gamecenter Live is worth your investment if you're a hockey fan -- especially out-of-market.

Sports bars, horror stories and apps


A new application from St, Petersburg's SportsBee Network is designed to help sports fans find sports bars.


Get involved in the community; write your own FanPosts!

If you've spent any time browsing Raw Charge (and if you're new, welcome!), you've probably noticed that we refer to ourselves as a community. Not a news source, not a content distributor, not a...

Advanced Stats Primer: Or, what we know and how we know it


A primer on advanced hockey statistics.

To experience hockey at it's best, stop the constant changes to the game


The NHL regularly tweaks and changes itself, and inconsistently enforces the rules that stay the same. Enough. Constantly Tweaking the game ruins the fan experience


Traditions and the fan experience at Lightning home games


Eighteen seasons of Tampa Bay Lightning hockey, but how have we distinguished ourselves and our home from other arenas around the NHL? Tradition seems to be missing from the fan experience at...

Less is more with NHL TV broadcasts, and the fan experience


How do you ruin the translation of the National Hockey League to television? By trying to do too much, show too much, and "innovate" while forgetting there is a sporting event to cover.

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