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NHL delays PED testing


The NHL has shown some commitment towards testing for the Human Growth Hormone, but it will wait at least another season to test for it. Is the NHL skating around the issue?


A universal offensive advanced stat in pro sports?

Is there a way to average pro sports statistics out in a way that makes them comparable, side by side?


Defending the Blue Line descends on Tampa Bay

Defending the Blue Line is a nationwide non-profit organization that helps children of the military participate in hockey.

Seeking civic support for NHL marquee events


It wouldn't be wrong for Tampa Bay civic leaders to step up and show support for a Tampa Bay Lightning bid to host the NHL All-Star game or Draft.

Fans, please remain seated until history is made


Everyone knows the story by now; the Boston Bruins were trailing the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-1 in game 7 of ttheir playoff series on Monday night. Fans gave up, missing a historic comeback, adn...


A day in the life of an NHL off-ice official staff writer Patti McDonald gives fans the behind the scenes details of a day in the life of an NHL off-ice official.

Off topic: Trying to gauge a favorite sports highlight


For a long time sports fan, its tough to point out your favorite sports highlight. Sometimes, the highlight is simply having your doubts proven wrong.

Tuesdays with Dani: Cut for a Cure


Lightning players are once again shaving their heads to raise funds for pediatric cancer; Gary Shelton goes awkward in his support for rookie Dustin Tokarski; Concussion epidemic? All this and more...

Tuesdays with Dani: Riding the wins


Since the Lightning started making deals with the Dominic Moore trade, the Bolts have won their last two games and are technically still in the playoff picture. Damien Cristodero reports that Steve...

Tampa Bay sports attendance and the Tampa Bay Lightning


While perception of a down-economy makes one believe all Tampa Bay pro-sports teams are struggling to sell tickets and grab fan interest, it's the contrary for the Tampa Bay Lightning.


Tuesdays with Dani: Steve Downie fined $2,500


Tuesdays with Dani: Steve Downie fined $2500 and your weekly links

Tuesdays with Dani: Save Our Sons, Turn in Your Guns


The Bolts have launched an initiative to disarm local gang members, this and more stores from around the league can be foudn here.

"You can't do that!": A salute to aberrations in strategy that somehow haven't ruined sports


Weird strategy is not something you find only in hockey.

Love, or at least a high level of mutual respect is in the air


The relationship between Tampa Bay's professional teams is strong and it's based on the mutual admiration between the men in charge.

Stammergeddon: Rumors, paranoia, and Tampa Bay sports


If you listened to the wrong sources, it was the end of the world - or would be shortly. "Stammergeddon" was an example of Tampa Bay fans insecurity, and also Twitter's amplification of wild hot...

About that team apparel, local solidarity thing...


Last weekend the Rays and Lightning players had a dressing incident. This week? The Rays go "All In" with their support of the Bolts.

What not to wear, and how it doesn't apply to you


If hockey teams wear opponents clothing, it's wrong. If baseball team's do it, it's fine.. Or so seems the brouhaha over Lightning players wearing Minnesota Twins hats at a Rays vs Twins game last...

Politics, religion, money and sports


Three topics to avoid if you want to keep your friends are politics, religion and money. There is nothing more divisive. But what happens when athletes start infringing on those topics and...

Off Topic: In defense of Jim Joyce and the fallibility of on-field officials


Umpires are not infallible, that is what Jim Joyce taught us from his actions post-game in Detroit last night... And that's something all professional leagues need a little more of: on-field...

Exploitation, self promotion, and pro-athletes online


The names of Lightning players (and others from every league and pro sport) are seldom exploited through social media. Sometimes it's innocent, sometimes it;'s more malicious and deliberate.

Another childhood dream shatters a little


Clark Brooks has secured a Mike McKenna rookie card, and a boatload of disappointment as his sports dreams are deflated by Mike McKenna himself. Read this cross-posted story from "Ridiculously...

Team Canada's Red-White scrimmage was how hockey should be televised


Raw Charge found hockey broadcast perfection in an Internet feed from Hockey Canada's scrimmage in Calgary Thursday night. Take note, NHL and media executives...



Technical and off topic mumbo jumbo here... I'd like to point out that, for a year or so, I have had in my ownership a domain name of a site that I thought went dead... Tampa Bay Sports Net (the...

fans can't organize


Fans can be outraged universally, but rarely can work together to fight against grievances from pro-sport leagues.

USF shocks the War Eagles at Auburn


(title changed and some other name/grammar edits because I'm a College Football idiot and don't know the SEC from the KGB, FBI, GUI, ennui, etc) And welcome to the AP top 25 rankings, gentlemen......

Mike and the Mad Fans


New York radio fans might be pissed off to see that 660 WFAN's flagship sports talk show, Mike and the Mad Dog, are starting to branch out when it comes to discussing teams. "Branch Out" meaning...

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