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Kiss your arena conversion crew

You got a hockey game one night, you have a Justin Timberlake concert the next and another hockey game the next evening. Getting an NHL arena ready for it's various functions is no small order and...

Something awkward, something funny

It's Something Awful's sports argument Wiki. The Something Awful community has there say of snark, sarcasm and black humor about teams, players and sports in general on the aforelinked web site. ...

The Return of FanHome?

There are bloggers as well as general readership throughout the sports blogosphere that, at one time or another, have known about or partaken in conversation on the FanHome sports network. FanHome...

Act your rage

One of my favorite blogs out there for the longest time has been Matt Baldwin over at Defective Yeti. He's got a short summaration of the World Cup antics and it reminds me of some of the antics...


How can I forget to give props to the University of SOuth Florida and the mens basketball program? Oh, they'v ebeen dismal this year - their first in the Big East - but their first in-conference...

Busy night in Tampa Bay Sports

You got Les Bolts versus Les Habs getting underway in just a little while formt eh Times Palace... You got the Million Dollar Stakes greyhound race at Derby Lane in St. Petersburg around 10:30...

Poll Update

The Olympics poll will coe back in a few days... I'm running an off topic poll (non-hockey) and asking who will be the Super Bowl Champions this year?

Getting Kicks

I'm trying to think up the proper Dodgeball: A true underdog story reference for this one but Iit escapes me... Tampa's city government announced on their web page that Adult Kickball Leagues are...

Pressure in pro sports

I don't usually point to Tampa Tribune articles - though I've found Erik Erlendsson has had better contnet than Tom Jones at the St. Pete Times. That being said, sometimes I miss gem articles that...

Down and Out weekend for TB Sports

Talk about a bad weekend for sports in the Tampa Bay area... First off you had the Lightning pounded by the New Jersey Devils in a humbling... no, strike that... humiliating loss on Friday. At...

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