National Hockey League

Stammergeddon? How about the coming Crosbocalypse?

The severity of a concussion can be limited if it's recognized that a concussion has happened. But what if no one wants to recognize that someone - a star NHL player, perhaps? - has had a concussion?

Question of the Week: What is your favorite NHL game memory?

What are your favorite memories from attending an hockey game? The Raw Charge staff shares their stories in this week's Question of the Week.

Is more OK Hockey coming to the NHL?

Former Lightning owner Oren Koules would like to get back into the game -- the game of NHL ownership. How you react to that news is subjective.

Politics, credit downgrading, and hockey; or how NHL contraction could end up on the table

NHL teams are very dependent upon ticket sales in order to stay afloat, but contracts can become a serious issue as well. Particularly if a national economy falters.

Off topic: New York Islanders future decided today?

The major vote takes place on western Long Island today on a plan to finance a new venue for the New York Islanders.

NHL realignment scenarios: Naming conferences and divisions

With Winnipeg getting another team, there have been many NHL realignment scenarios being discussed. Some want to go back to the old names pre-1993, but isn't that a step backwards?

St. Louis repeats as Byng winner at 2011 NHL Awards show

The 2011 NHL Awards presented two Tampa Bay Lightning players with league wide recognition.

The NHL, hockey fans, and "class"

After the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals ended, the word "class" kept popping up for both good and bad things. But what does that mean?

Question of the Week: Changing of the guard at Club Two-Minutes

With Colin Campbell's reign of error coming to an end, what does the NHL's new head disciplinarian need to do to right the ship?

Reports say Campbell out, Shanahan in as NHL's disciplinarian

Following a tumultous run, Colin Campbell is stepping down from his role as head disciplinarian for the NHL and will likely be replaced by Brendan Shanahan.

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