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How do you respond to the Lightning being swept?


The Lightning were swept in the first round of the playoffs, so now everybody can say how great the Canadiens are and how much the Lightning suck. But if somebody tells you that, grab 'em and say,...

Captain Stamkos and Playoff Leadership


The Lightning have shed most of their grizzled veterans since their 2011 playoff run. They enter this year's playoffs with a young squad and a new captain. We asked the Raw Charge crew about...

Answer This! The playoff chase


The Tampa Bay Lightning are holding onto a playoff spot, while the wolves rip each other apart for the East's wild card spots. What should we expect from the Bolts through the last ten games of the...

Do you feel differently about Marty St-Louis?


How have your feelings about Martin St-Louis after his trade demand and move to the New York Rangers? Anger? Sadness? NOTHING? A boatload of Lightning bloggers weigh in.

The crop of Lightning rookies is freaking awesome


The Tampa Bay Lightning have an amazing crop of rookies this year, all part of the "Tampacuse Invasion." Of this high-impact group, who do you like? Who has the best chance of being a long-term,...

Who are the Lightning's pleasant surprises?


There are new faces in most key roles for the Lightning this year, from captain on down to the minors. Many are playing to expectation, but who are the big surprises? Bishop, Sustr, Kucherov,...

How are the Lightning survivng without Stamkos?


It would have been easy to write off the Lightning when Steven Stamkos went down with a broken leg, but the Bolts, while not thriving, are surviving. How are they doing it? The Raw Charge team...

What Bolt from the past would help the team today?


If you could pick one player from the LIghtning's storied history to fill a need on the team today, who would you choose? (Spoiler: nobody picked Rudy Poeschek.)

Are the Lightning better yet?


After the draft and free agency the Lightning... um... are the Lightning any better yet?

Who would be on your crazy-owner wish list?


In the summer of 2008, crazy-awful Lightning owners went on a crazy bad player-grabbing spending spree, acquiring playoff standouts like Ryan Malone and Gary Roberts. If you were a crazy awful...


Who are you following in the 2013 NHL playoffs?


The Lightning aren't in the playoffs, but there is a lot of hockey being played. Are you watching? And are you - gasp - cheering for another team? Don't tell me. I don't want to know. (yes I do).

Bad season? Who should we sue? (Everybody).


The Tampa Bay Lightning had a garbage season, causing fans "emotional distress." How can we hold the team responsible? With lawsuits! Lawsuit party, baby! Raw Charge asks, who should we sue? The...

Reactions to Guy Boucher's removal


The RC staff explain this development in their own words.

Building on the Tampa Bay / Syracuse relationship


With the affiliation between the Lightning and the Crunch approaching its first year anniversary, we look at the connection between the two teams and what could be done to make it stronger.

The Hall of Fame case for and against Andreychuk


It's still a few months before the 18-member Hockey Hall of Fame Selection Committe gets together and decides on the 2013 Hall of Fame class... But it's never too early to speak of an underdog...

Who are the NHL's biggest surprises so far?


The shortened season is bringing lots of surprises. Raw Charge staffers weigh in on the biggest ones.

What do you like about the shortened season?


The Lightning blogosphere shares their thoughts about what aspects, if any, they'd like to see the NHL retain from this year's shortened schedule

Where will the Lightning finish this season?


With a potentially unpredictable shortened NHL season, we asked Lightning bloggers and Raw Charge staff where they think the Lightning will finish the season in the Eastern Conference.

The villain of the 2012 NHL lockout


They may all seem like bad guys, and it may seem like we're ignoring certain bad guys in the 2012 lockout too. Our question this week is who is the biggest villain of the 2012 NHL lockout?

Question of the week: The one to watch?


A new season dawns and a new Question of the Week is born: What player in the Tampa Bay Lightning system is the oen to watch, and why?

Question of the Week: The NHL Entry Draft and College players


With the 2012 NHL Entry Draft upon us... Our question revolves around collegiate players and draft eligibility.

Question of the week: How do you want to celebrate the Bolts 20th anniversary?


Our Question of the Week asks for suggestions to celebrate the Tampa Bay Lightning's upcoming 20th anniversary season.

Question of the week: What would you measure?


Question of the week: If you could measure anything in hockey, what would it be and how would it work?

Question of the week: Which is more important, defense or goaltending?


The Tampa Bay Lightning have had both goaltending issues and defensive problems. The Raw Charge Question of the Week asks which is more important to address?

Question of th Week: Who do you want to see the Lightning re-sign?


Which of the upcoming Lightning UFA players would you like to see the team resign?

Question of the Week: Who is moving on to the Conference Finals?


Who goes to the Conference Finals? Who goes golfing? The Raw Charge Question of the Week.

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