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Shoot! SHOOT! JUST SHOOT THE @#$%#$% BALL!!!!!! (Or Seattle 0-1 Portland)


Stretches of beautiful possession. Complete inability to put the ball in the net. And one defensive brain fart. That pretty much sums up the game, yeah? First, the worst part: We lost. To...

Vancouver 0-0 Seattle. (I Wish I Could be the First to Make that "Midseason Form" Joke)


(I think it was Mike at GoSounders who, after the first 0-0 scrimmage of the preseason, said, "Good news! We're already in mid-season form!" Oh, how I wish it had been me.) First the good about...

Highlights (okay, that may not be the right word) of the Rosenborg-Seattle Match


I'm not sure I would call these "highlights" if you're a Seattle fan, but the Rosenborg site has clips from the match that show what happened. I call it: Five minutes and thirty-four seconds for...

Rosenborg 3-0 Sounders FC. Four Things That Have Not Changed in the Off-Season


I was able to catch the middle 40-ish minutes of the game today (and if you were following me on Twitter, you would have had a stream too, at least until it died twenty minutes into the second...

Don't Forget to Buy Your Seattle-Portland Tickets!


Seattle vs. Portland! The epic encounter! The preview of coming attractions once 2011 rolls around! Tickets are on sale now, $10 each, all GA. Don't forget! TicketBastardMaster link. I think you...

How is My "Trialists = Chickens" Philosophy Working Out? Not So Well.


We're a week into training, which means it's time for us to take a look at how my Philosophy on Trialists (Trialists = Chickens)** is working out. So how is it working out? you ask. Not so well, is...

See? Did I Not Warn You?


Wow. I'm having a bit of difficulty getting back into the pre-season swing. Once I got through my Sounders withdrawals of the off-season, I realized it wasn't so bad. Once or twice a week I'd...

Tuesday Quiz: Guess Which of These Players Has Kids of His Own


All righty. Pre-season has officially started, which means it's time to fire up the blog again. To start us out, let's play a little game. I'll give you two quotes, and you get to guess which...

Mountain West 2010 Retrospective: the Peaks

Peaks has to be plural, because in the conference, Utah beat 'em all too, except TCU. Both teams featured game-changing return men (Smithson and Kerley were first and second in the conference,...

5 Reasons Why 2010 Will Top 2009

So the last "5 Reasons" post was a downer-- even if a sage one. (Self-congratulation is always in order at The Purple Wimple.) But let's look at the bright side now, at the five reasons TCU's...

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